Anita Hill Shares Her Thoughts on Donald Trump.

Anita Hill

When Anita Hill testified in 1991 about the sexual harassment she experienced from now Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a new dialogue about harassment in the workplace emerged.

Years later, the conversation continues. While there’s been a lot of progress, women all over the country, from all walks of life, are still dealing with harassment at their places of employment. Recently leaked audio of Donald Trump’s lewd comments, as well allegations of inappropriate behavior from women who have worked with him in the past, have caused a resurgence in the much needed conversations about workplace harassment.

Hill recently shared her thoughts on Trump’s comments in an interview with CBS News.

“Even after 25 years, this is a powerful moment. What we do next is important so this doesn’t happen again to the next generation,” she said.

Having been at the center of a media circus herself, she also acknowledge the importance of centering victims when talking about sexual harassment.

“The focus of the conversation should be the harm that harassment causes the victims and how we’re going to prevent it,” Hill continued.