Apply Eyeliner Correctly: The Three-Point Trick That Creates The Perfect Eye line

Eyeliner emphasizes and opens the eyes. Unfortunately, it causes so much trouble for many women that they would instead do without it than fretting around in front of the mirror for half an hour. We’ll tell you everything about the perfect eyeliner and which tricks you can use to pull it easily.

It is practically impossible to get the eyeliner on both eyes absolutely identical. If the left eye is successful, we screw up the right and vice versa. There are very simple tricks on how to get eyeliner almost perfect. We reveal how it works.

First of all, you should consider what kind of eyeliner you would like to draw. Do you want a subtle one that just makes the lashes appear a little thicker or perhaps a glamorous one that opens and emphasizes the eye? Here you can find out what types of organic eyeliner there are:

          ●     For everyday use, thin, not too intrusive eyeliner lines are particularly suitable, such as the Simple eyeliner, the Everyday eyeliner or the Smooth eyeliner. Above all, the upper lash line is optically thickened here, which highlights the eye a little. Now a bit more mascara, and the day makeup is ready.

          ●     Those who like it more glamorous can try the classic, pin-up or bold eyeliner. Here the challenge is a little bigger to really draw the eyelid lines symmetrically. But with a bit of patience and practice, you will definitely make it.

          ●     For the very brave, there is also the colored eyeliner. If you choose to do this, the rest of the makeup should be kept subtle to avoid creating a clown effect. While dark green or blue tones are suitable for brown eyes, copper and gold tones particularly emphasize blue eyes. Shades of purple, particularly stress green eyes.

Which eyeliner for which eyeliner lines

Kajal, liquid eyeliner, or eye shadow? All of the products mentioned are suitable for drawing eyeliner, but when should which one be used?

Liquid eyeliner

This eyeliner is particularly suitable for precise and intensely covering eyeliner lines. A disadvantage is that it takes some time to dry, and some practice in handling is required.

Eyeliner pens

Similar to liquid eyeliner, you get a precise result here. One advantage is that the color release is more controlled and therefore dries faster.


An eyeliner that has been drawn with a kohl eyeliner is easy to blend, which gives the makeup a little less definition and makes it look smoky.

Eyeliner Gel

This eyeliner comes in a potty and, in some cases, with a brush. If there is none, you should get one. The durability of this eyeliner is outstanding compared to others. The disadvantage is that if you don’t regularly use eyeliner to decorate yourself, the eyeliner may dry out before it is empty.


If you want to draw colored eyeliner, eyeshadow is ideal, as it is usually available in more colors than eyeliner. Use a thin brush with a flattened tip here. So you can work very precisely and hide the eyeliner a little at the end.

The perfect eyeliner is achieved with the three-point trick

You have to admit: drawing the perfect eyeliner is a certain kind of art. Who does not remember the countless makeup attempts that were made over and over again? But with the three-point trick, every woman can create the perfect eyeliner.

Before the entire eyeliner is drawn, you should set three points above the lash line, the first on the inner edge of the iris, the second on the outer edge and the third on the outer corner of the eye. In the next step, you just have to connect the dots – and voila, the perfect eyeliner is ready. Professionals can then draw a sweeping bow at the edge of their eyes.