Art Books. Shikeith Releases ‘Somewhere over the _’


Shikeith is a Philadelphia-born photographer and filmmaker whose emotionally charged, yet serene works, focus on the inner psychological lives of black men. His work challenges notions of black male masculinity and expression.

His work is born of the personal traumas he experienced as a child, as well the ostracization he endured from other young men who challenged his masculinity.

In 2014, Shikeith created the film series “Black Men Dream.” The project was and “art film that utilizes social media to provide contemporary black men an outlet for open emotional expression often denied through racial, and black masculinity taboos.”

His first book Somewhere over the _ is a striking collection of his works thus far.

There are both structural and cultural inequalities that have formulated barriers that dictate our psychological perception of the world, each other, and ourselves.