Artists to Watch. The Sounds of Sibling Trio James Davis.

James Davis

There’s much to love about California new comers James Davis. There’s the trio’s clever moniker which combines their father’s middle name and their mother’s maiden name. With impressive vocals and keen lyrical prowess, the group is steadily gaining traction. So far, just releasing two songs, a track titled “Better Than You Are” and their latest “Co-Pilot.” On “Co-Pilot,” the singers assuring of a careless, naturally induced high from an interaction that’s devoid of drugs. Reassuring “c’mon and get high with me/ ohh baby we don’t need no weed.” The catchy hook has a dreamy feel, with hints of earnestness throughout. Twin sisters Jess and Rey’s vocals weave in and out, blending well with their brother’s creamy and smooth crooning. Both songs is a shine of light of what’s to come. Check them out below.