Assist Your Aging Friend: Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oil for Aging Dogs

The popularity of CBD is undeniable. About 64 million Americans have tried CBD oil to combat medical problems such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and seizures.

But CBD oil for dogs is a relatively new development.

Is it possible that since CBD oil is aiding so many people, that it can do the same for our furry friends? And what about aging dogs?

Giving your dog the best life includes taking care of them way beyond their puppy years. CBD oil might be able to help. Keep reading to find the best CBD oil for your elderly friend.

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol is the proper name of CBD oil. It’s a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, which is part of the cannabis family. There’s often confusion that CBD oil comes from marijuana, but this is untrue. While marijuana is related to hemp, and they do come from the same family, CBD oil is different.

CBD oil does not contain THC oil, which is the chemical that causes that “high” feeling. As long as the CBD oil has 0.3% or less of THC, it cannot get you (or your dog) high.

Why Give Your Elderly Dog CBD Oil?

As a dog ages, they encounter a host of health problems that can sometimes make the last years of their lives more challenging for both of you. Aches, pains, and frequent sickness like cancer, all plague the previous years of a dog’s experience. If you’re looking to help your dog feel more comfortable and vibrant, check out how CBD oil can help.

1. Cancer Symptoms

About one in four dogs ages seven or older will receive a cancer diagnosis. Cancer can bring many painful and debilitating moments for your dog. CBD oil can work to reduce the uneasiness that comes from cancer symptoms.

Additionally, there’s been some evidence that CBD combats or inhibits the growth of specific cancer cells. While it’s not a cure for cancer, it could stop more growth.

2. Arthritis And Other Joint Pain

Dog’s experience joint pain from several problems like arthritis, hip dysplasia, degenerative disease, or even being overweight. Some dogs might not show that they’re in pain, but others may limp, saunter, spend more time lying down, or reluctant to walk.

Inflammation is the cause of joint pain. CBD oil is a natural inflammatory and works to reduce the swelling, which can help manage the pain.

3. Increased Appetite

Nausea is a common occurrence in dogs. They could lose their appetite due to illness, eating foods that upset their stomach, or from medications they’re taking. When aging dogs are not eating, they’re at risk of not getting the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

CBD oil works to increase appetite and fight nausea, so your dog can continue eating frequently.

4. Reduce Anxiety

Any dog can be prone to anxiety, but senior dogs a more likely to experience it as they age. This can be manifested by fear of noise, environmental changes, children, having accidents in the house, or even pacing back and forth. Anxiety happens because the brain begins to age.

CBD oil works to balance the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for keeping everything in the body balanced and working correctly. The receptors are responsible for promoting a feeling of calm and wellness.

5. Brain Health

As a dog ages, their brain function begins to decline, especially the areas of memory and learning. They may forget how to do tricks, have difficulty finding their way around your home, or even display strange, compulsive behaviors.

CBD oil might work to improve cognitive function later in life.

What Are The Risks?

With any additional supplement or medication, there are always risks, especially if the dog is into its senior years. While overdosing is rare, it can happen, so here are some side effects to watch for.

●   Drowsiness or lethargy
●   Excessive thirst, which means dry mouth
●   A drop in blood pressure
●   Vomiting

An overdose on a dog can last hours or even days, depending on how much they’ve ingested.

Where to Find the Best CBD Oil

Because CBD oil is experiencing a high rise to fame, many people are trying to capitalize on the market. This means people are producing and selling fake CBD oil. Fake CBD oil has enormous consequences, including illness and even death.

If you’re interested in buying CBD oil, you need to do so from a reputable source. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Don’t be fooled by the price. While inexpensive CBD oil is alluring, you often get what you pay for. Premium CBD oil is costly, but it’s a reliable product and is more concentrated.

Third-party testing is an essential component to making sure your CBD oil is of the purest quality. Third-party companies provide rigorous testing, to ensure the CBD oil is pure.

If the company won’t – or doesn’t- provide third-party testing, look elsewhere.

The company should be extremely transparent and proud of how they source and extract its CBD oil. If there’s no indication that they have a relationship with farmers or other businesses, it’s not a good sign.

Always read the label and the ingredients. The label should say pure CBD oil, full-spectrum CBD oil, certified CBD oil, and so forth. Any component that looks suspicious to you be wary!

Call the company and ask them any questions that concern you! If they don’t have an address, working phone number, or other contact information, they are likely in it for profit rather than passion.

Which Type of CBD Oil is Best for Dogs?

There are many CBD oils on the market – even ones that cater to dogs! How do you know which one is the best and which method to use? There are a variety of different ways to choose from, and each dog and family will have different needs.


A tincture is the most popular and preferable way to get CBD oil to your dog.

The highlight with tinctures is that they come with an eyedropper, which makes measuring accurate and easy, and the oil works more quickly as it heads straight to the bloodstream. The trouble comes when you have to give it to the dog!

Some dogs are incredibly picky, observant, or uncooperative. They don’t like taking any medication of any kind! With a tincture, you can add a couple of drops to their food or, if your elderly dog allows you to, administer the CBD oil directly in their mouth.


Treats infused with CBD oil is another popular option, especially for dogs who turn their nose up at anything strange about their food. Give them CBD oil in the form of a treat like the ones from Innovet. They’re convenient, fun, and have tastes that dogs drool over.

The only caution with treats is to make sure you don’t give too many.

Not only so your dog won’t experience too much CBD oil, but also have an increased calorie intake. Be sure to read the packing to see how much CBD oil is in each treat before giving them to your furry friend.


CBD capsules are another way to give your dog CBD oil and might be just as convenient as treats. Place a capsule in a treat or disguise it in their food.

One thing to be aware of with capsules is that you may not see results as quickly because they need to go through the digestive tract.

Lotions or Balms

If your dog suffers from allergies that cause itchy skin and redness due to scratching, CBD oil can help soothe this skin and promote healing. Also, if your elderly pet is suffering from arthritis or joint pain, apply the balm to the sore joints can relieve the inflammation.

Before you give your dog any CBD oil, always check the dosage and start with the smallest dose first. If they seem ok, you can gradually increase the amount at the next dose.

Is CBD Legal?

The question that everyone wants to know!

The legalities of CBD oil have many gray areas. Generally speaking, CBD oil is legal at the state level, and every state has its limitations, but it’s illegal at the federal level.

CBD Oil For Your Dog

The best CBD oil for dogs is the one that works for your dog.

There are many methods and reasons to consider giving CBD oil to your pet. Remember always to discuss any supplements you give to your dog with your veterinarian first.

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