Aventus Creed Aftershave Review

It is no doubt that the Aventus Creed is a popular and stellar aftershave option. And it is with a reason why this aftershave has managed to remain at the top charts. For one, the fragrance integrates invigorating and fresh fruit notes. The blend is so uniquely fruity, sharp and tart yet, it gives the fragrance a subtle masculine signature finish. So if you are an Aventus Creed enthusiast, the review below will equip you with more information on this exceptional aftershave.

Aventus Creed Notes

The Aventus Creed aftershave utilizes the family’s in house formula for this fragrance. Thus, delivering a novel and authentic home-crafted fragrance. The ingredients are harvested from different parts of the world to capture the premium qualities.

The aftershave fragrance features fruity and faintly floral, amber and musk notes. The top notes include pineapple, apple, bergamot, and blackcurrant. the heart notes include birch, jasmine, patchouli, juniper berry, and rose. The base notes include ambergris, oakmoss, musk, and vanilla.

How Does It Smell?

When you first apply it on your skin you will smell distinct notes of fresh pineapple and slowly, the citrus notes of bergamot, tart crispy notes of apple and tantalizing notes of black currant seep in. After several minutes, the middle notes of refreshing jasmine, pink berries, birch, and woody patchouli. And throughout the day, the oakmoss, ambergris, and warm vanilla base notes take over.

Each distinct scent is delivered in its special unique way. For example, the pineapple in this fragrance is roasted and blended with vanilla through the smoke to give a fairly deep and masculine scent rather than a naturally clean, crisp and light scent that would be ideal for women’s fragrance. In addition, the synergy of fruity, woody and smoky signatures is what makes the aftershave last longer.

Fragrance Notes Effects

It is a known fact that your sense of smell is directly connected to cognition thus, affecting our perception. Different scents have different effects on us. Consequently, you should expect a response from your body when you apply the Aventus Creed aftershave. The fragrance notes of Aventus Creed provide an invigorating yet calming and soothing effect.

The smells give you a clean, crisp, tart and sharp feel. The deep fragrance notes also significantly boost your confidence and give you a feeling of control. The fragrance notes also make it a great date night fragrance as it is a guarantee to capture your partner’s attention.

Aftershave Traits

The aftershave brings with it several traits. Some of them include;


The best part about the Aventus Creed aftershave is its unique formulation. unlike many popular fragrances, Aventus Creed aftershave fragrance doesn’t have a close alternative. This is due to its unique and proprietary pineapple blend.


The Aventus Creed aftershave is formulated with an ingenious blend and high fragrance concentration that allows it to last longer. In fact, the aftershave will last you all day long. For many consumers, this feature brings with it a great value.

With the splash you apply on your face during your morning daily routine, you will not have to refresh your skin throughout the day. You will only apply it again in the evening after a shower before you head out for your date. And it is guaranteed to last you through the night.


The Aventus Creed aftershave bears just the right price. It is not too expensive, yet, you cannot exactly peg it as an affordable fragrance. This, in fact, places the Aventus Creed in the group of luxury fragrances.

Pros And Cons

The Aventus Creed aftershave also brings with it strong advantages and disadvantages. Yet, its advantages precede its disadvantages. These include;


A noticeably strong and distinctive scent
A unique and attractive blend of smoky pineapple and vanilla notes
Designed for use in both summer and winter seasons
Works for both formal and casual settings from day to night
A long-lasting scent even after a swift shower
Exclusive and controlled distribution


The price is not affordable for everyone
It changes its fragrance within 15 minutes of application

How Do I Spot A Fake Aventus Creed aftershave?

With its popularity and positive reception, it comes with no surprise that you may stumble upon a fake Aventus Creed aftershave. to easily identify one, first examine its package and working mechanism. when the cap doesn’t close or open easily or has a slight malfunction to it, this is normally a good indication that the fragrance is a fake. When you open the aftershave bottle, you should also scan for the authentic Aventus Creed white line inside the cap.

If it’s not there, then, the fragrance most definitely is a fake. Even smaller, non-important details can tell you whether it is fake or not. Look at the labels and spelling, if you spot out even the tiniest of mistakes, then the fragrance is fake. To prevent the chances of falling victim to this, it is always a good idea to purchase your aftershave from reputable retailers.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the Aventus Creed makes it worth every penny spend. And if you are one for exclusive taste and uniqueness, this fragrance should be sitting on your dresser. the number one advantage, of course, is its unique blend of smoky pineapple, citrus, berries and vanilla blend – a signature formula that has so far been proven to be unmatched.

It also brings with it a cost-effective element after the one-off payment during its purchase. Because of its long-lasting and strong scent, a single splash once a day will get the job done. So this means that you will not have to use it over and over again or use it in huge amounts to get the desired results. Unless you want to turn heads for all the wrong reasons.

Furthermore, its unique blend of fresh, fruity, smoky and woody notes makes it an all-day, all-season fragrance. So you don’t have to spend extra for a separate fragrance for the night, casual affair or warmer season.