Basic travel clothing essentials

Travelling brings many considerations. Some of the points to cover are as simple as how much money to take. Other things can be slightly more serious, like travelling with medications or substances that could raise a few alarms during airport checks.

Another consideration is what to wear when actually travelling to your destination, because you will likely experience a change in temperature and weather when stepping off the plane. Let’s get into it…

Comfortable shoes

Before we get into your aeroplane outfit, let’s address general footwear for your trip – it is always good to have a variation of shoes with comfort in mind. As, after all, the chances are you will be wearing different shoes every day that you are away. You don’t want to get to the end of the first day with sore, blistered feet. Dress sensibly with your itinerary in mind. For example, you’ll probably want to have a pair of sandals for around the pool, trainers for excursions and espadrilles for when you’re dressing to impress in the evening. Having various options means that you won’t feel stressed when you’re getting ready, as you can decide what goes best with the climate and your outfit.

When it comes to your flight, trainers are probably your best bet in terms of comfort (you don’t want to run over your toes with your suitcase when you’re wearing flipflops!) but it just depends on personal preference. In some cases, it can be wiser to wear your heavier shoes to travel, as that way your suitcase is often lighter and roomier.

A quick note on socks…

Travelling without socks usually means that you will get cold feet – for more than half of the trip, typically all for the benefit of having no socks upon arrival in a warmer climate. Wool hiking socks can be used to keep you warm for the journey. Not only are they easy to slip on and off, but they also tend to resist odours more than normal socks. You could even consider compression socks for flying to keep swelling at bay.

Stretchy trousers

Having read the previous tip about comfortable shoes, stretchy trousers are pretty self-explanatory. But there’s more to it than just personal comfort in terms of avoiding clothes that can pinch over many hours of wear. Travelling in trousers means that you’ll be covered for all eventualities at the other end. When you arrive, the weather may be slightly different from what you expected. Even if you did your research, sunny days can be windy days, and windy days can mean a chill in the air. Where there is any delay in transferring from the airport to your hotel, you could find that anything less than trousers (e.g. shorts/skirts) means you will be left to feel the cold breeze.

Classic long sleeve jacket

Layering for your journey is not advisable. Indoor temperatures at the airport can surprise you, and we all know that the recycled air flowing through the aircraft means that flights can sometimes feel a little less than warm. That’s why you should opt for a single layer t-shirt or shirt combined with a single long-sleeved jacket. This basic double layer will cover you for most eventualities.