Beauty and Skincare Tips for Those Who Love Cold-Weather Sports

Are you the type that just can’t get enough of cold weather sports? Is there something about the crisp clean air in your face that just invigorates you and pushes you forward? The great thing about these cold weather sports is that many of them can actually be enjoyed year-round, which may come as a surprise. Take, for example, skating; there’s no reason the temperatures outside need to be sub-zero in order to head to the local arena and get some exercise in.

The problem is that even though these cold weather sports may be excellent for your physical and mental well-being, all that cold dry air can do a real number on your skin. Those who often take part in cold-weather sports tend to suffer from dry dehydrated skin, which can not only be frustrating to deal with but feel tight and uncomfortable.

Here we’ll take a look at the top beauty and skincare tips ideal for those of you who can’t get enough of these cold weather sports.

Drink Plenty of Water

Your first inclination may be that you need to coat your skin in heavy moisturizers and cream in order to boost the hydration, but in reality, you need to think of hydration from the inside out. What this means is making sure you drink plenty of water, no matter what the weather outside may be.

Maybe you have just invested in a pair of brand new figure skates from Riedell and you’re anxious to hit the local arena. If so, be sure to throw a bottle of water in your bag and drink plenty before and after you skate. The same can be said for any sport

Understand Your Skin Type

Shopping for skin care products can be rather confusing thanks to the many different options that exist. A great starting off point is to understand your skin type and main concerns. If you have normal to dry skin that has signs of aging, then you want a product that addresses all these needs. Picking skin care products that match your skin type will go a long way where hydration is concerned.

Get Into the Habit of Using Serums and Oils

Rather than relying on moisturizer or cream along, it can be well worth your time and money to look into serums and oils. These should be applied to clean, dry skin before you apply your moisturizer. Depending on the formulation you can see instant results with your skin looking and feeling softer, plumper, and more hydrated.

Carry Lip Balm with You

Another tip is to be sure you always have lip balm on you. Chapped lips are often the first sign of dehydration, so even if they feel relatively soft and supple you’ll still want to use lip balm on a regular basis.

When winter does come around and you are taking part in sports outdoors, it’s wise to look for a lip balm that has SPF protection in it.

A Few Extra Steps Will Do Wonders

By following these tips and using a few extra steps in your beauty and skincare routine, you’ll find that you can enjoy those cold weather sports year-round without sacrificing your skin.