Best Alternative Ways to Learn Besides School

Knowledge is power, as the cliche goes. However, many don’t realize they don’t have to step into the classroom to succeed in their studies. Whether you went to college or not, there are plenty of ways to enhance your mind and learn new skills.

Even though you can’t be a lawyer or doctor without attending school, there are still ways to acquire good skills and knowledge besides conventional learning methods. Therefore, in the following sections of this post, you’ll learn about the best alternative ways to learn besides school. Let’s get started.

Online Learning

The role of technology in education has never changed, and it will always remain a part of it. Since the proliferation of electronic devices, internet access has grown worldwide. Globally, electronic devices and internet access are becoming increasingly prevalent, even in remote places.

The convenience of studying at home is now a reality. A free online educational tool from provides excellent study resources and allows students to learn anytime, anywhere. This platform is designed especially for students looking for detailed notes, assignments, summaries, and books. It even covers all courses and universities, which is a huge plus.

Advantages Of Online Learning

Online learning offers the following advantages:

      ∙   Provides convenient learning environments and cost-effective accessibility options
      ∙   Prepares students for the future by improving their 21st-century learning skills and technology proficiency
      ∙   Customizes learning options and provides more personalized instruction

Read a Book

Even though it may sound crazy, reading books is an excellent way to learn! Books cover all subjects, such as film, cooking, writing, astronomy, investing, history, anatomy, art, finance, and so much more. While reading can feel like a chore in school, it’s one of the easiest ways to learn more about a topic.

Modern technology also makes it easy to download books to your Kindle or order them from Amazon. Furthermore, Studocu also offers these books for download. You can even check out online libraries that provide tons of books to choose from.


Since over 100 years ago, Montessori has been one of the most popular alternatives learning methods! Maria Montessori developed this alternative educational method to foster children’s independence and reduce their dependence on adults. A Montessori classroom features toys within reach of children and a teacher who students view more as a guide than an instructor.

Advantages of the Montessori method include:

      ∙   Promotes independence and cooperation
      ∙   Provides real-world and exploratory learning opportunities
      ∙   Provides an individualized and student-centric curriculum based on a child’s developmental stage

Disadvantages of the Montessori method include:

      ∙   There may be some students who struggle to adapt to a more traditional school environment
      ∙   The Montessori philosophy can be costly, and since Dr. Montessori never patented the term, any school can claim to be practicing it

Experiential Learning

Even though many careers require you to earn a degree before you begin gaining experience, countless opportunities are still available to you without a degree. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing a temporary job or planning to make a career out of it; these jobs will teach you valuable skills.

Companies nowadays are also promoting eLearning content as part of their workplace training programs. Consider internships and apprenticeship programs if you have trouble landing a job without a degree to gain experience outside the classroom.

Research the Internet

The internet isn’t always a reliable source of information, but if you know where to look, you can find endless details. All you need to do is search for the topic you are interested in, and there you have it. Depending on the sources you use, you may have to verify their credibility, but assuming you can differentiate between reliable information and gibberish, surfing the web can be pretty educational.

For those who prefer visual learning, you can sift through YouTube videos or Masterclass content, where you can find many tutorials and information.


It’s easy to learn new skills or better yourself without going to school if you want to learn more about a specific subject.

Although attending school is certainly not out of the question, and it might be the best course of action sometimes, you might not need it in all cases. First, find out as much as possible about your topic of interest, and grab every bit of information you can.