Best Things To Do On A Weekend In Kathmandu

Kathmandu is one of the most visited cities in the world. This is the heart of tourism in Nepal. If adventure during the holidays is your main interest, visiting Kathmandu will fulfill your dreams. Kathmandu is full of attractions, and things to do that will delight you during your weekend tour. Due to the high demand for visitors traveling to the city, the tourism industry has developed significantly. Many people flock to this city during the holidays and weekends to have a memorable moment with their dear ones. Are you planning to visit Kathmandu this weekend and wondering about the best things you can do during your weekend break? Then keep reading below to highlight some of the Best Things To Do On A Weekend In Kathmandu.

Spend Some Quality Time in Thamel:

Thamel is a province in the center of Kathmandu that has everything a traveler could need, from bars and restaurants to shops that sell maps and outdoor items. Shopping is a popular activity that tourists should consider, and you can buy anything in the sun in this area. When traveling on a hiking trip, you can buy everything you need from Thamel, such as training pants, jackets, and sleeping bags. There are many climbing camps before the base in Thamel where you can carry out a wide range of activities. Another fact about Thamel is that there are many quality restaurants in this place where you can eat healthy and delicious food. The restaurants here have variety and taste. It is an excellent place to meet other travelers in Nepal, and there are many places to eat good food.

Retreat Yourself with Spas and Excursions

Each alley has a unique story to tell, and when you’re done looking at the exquisite beauties of the alleys, you may want someone to massage your sore feet. And for your pleasure, Kathmandu has the best massage and massage centers around. Hand-picked Ayurvedic medicines are processed and used for massage. This can be a great way to add relaxation and ointment to the muscles. Kathmandu message centers and resorts want to get rich and ask you to drown in an activity.

Stop by the famous Durbar Square:

Durbar Square is the main point of your visit to Kathmandu, so you should visit this place during your stay. Although this UNESCO World Heritage Site was damaged during a major earthquake in 2015, it has undergone significant reconstruction. If you want to experience the classical architecture of Nepal, the best option is to travel to Durbar Square. You simply cannot go on vacation to Nepal without a trip to Durbar Square. The square, which can be seen in the middle of the old town, is full of spiritual and royal Gothic buildings that sell candies on huge sticks with cedars, green fruits, and retailers, and people are decorated on the steps of intricate structures.

Explore the beautiful rose garden – the garden of dreams

This is an attractive and beautiful botanical garden in the center of Kathmandu. Also, this is the ideal place or perhaps the most beautiful place in the area for travelers who want to relax and unwind, relax and unwind! The stunning architecture here is bordered by many park benches, beautiful flowers in different colors, plants, plants, and pavilions. In addition, the shaking of the floor adds to its aura, making it cooler and more comfortable. Tourists can also quench their appetite with snacks and meals. This place is the best place to relax, and people are interested in organizing famous ceremonies, especially during the annual festival. At the top of the park is Nagarjun Forest, which stretches more than 5 km northwest of Kathmandu and is accessible to tourists in the park.

Try the local cuisine.

A local dish that Nepalis enjoy everywhere is a plate of rice, lentils, a combination of vegetables, and cucumbers. It is best to enjoy this meal at least once when visiting Kathmandu. You can also try other dishes, such as Newari dishes. These are the traditional foods of the Newar community and a great way to tickle your taste buds. You can enjoy these meals while watching Tharu women dancing in their traditional dance style in the background.

Pay a visit to Lord Shiva at Pashupatinath temple.

Pashupatinath Temple is a revered and famous Hindu temple in Kathmandu. There are hundreds of pilgrimages and daily visitors and a million during festivals. This is a Shiva temple. Many Indian pilgrims also come to this temple every day to worship. Body burning is one of the main attractions of tourists walking on the banks of the Bagmati River. The Bagmati River is a sacred river that comes from the Shivapuri National Park (Baghdad). Hundreds of Ling Shiva can be seen in small temples, Sadhus, etc., from the area. The best time to visit Pashupatinath is between 5 am, and 7 am to see the prestigious crowd that Lord Shiva worships. Although you cannot go to the temple, you have a fantastic view of Nandi, the cow of Lord Shiva, and his immense golden nonsense!

Take a tour of the Balaju Water Garden.

If you enjoy exploring gardens and parks, be sure to check out Kathmandu’s Balaju Water Garden. This is a beautiful place with religious shrines, fish ponds, and pools. The park also has a replica of the Budhanilkantha statue.

Watch the sunrise at Swayambhunath Temple from the top of the city.

Being one of the most beautiful temples in Nepal, guests are greeted with golden statues and delighted by intricate ancient sculptures along the magnificent sidewalks. Go to higher altitudes to enjoy the sunset and make new friends with friendly monkeys. Swayambhunath Temple is rich in oriental art, history, and mystery. To make the most of your visit, make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes for hilly terrain. Avoid the crowds of tourists and get up in the cold morning air. Join the locals for daily training or visit the Monkey Temple. If you climb the stairs in time and see the top of the sun over the Himalayas shining in the city of Kathmandu, you will be warmed.

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