“Black Don’t Crack”: Skin Care Beauty Secrets for Black Women to Share

As black women, we have been known to have gorgeous skin. From the tone, texture, and elasticity of it all, many people of multiple ethnic backgrounds have asked what’s our secret. Well, the truth is, there really isn’t a particular “secret.” It has a lot to do with your biological makeup, but there are a few secrets to maintaining the beautiful skin you already have.

One of the best compliments a black woman can give another black woman is a compliment on her skin. Compliments in phrases like “your melanin is popping girl!” is the ultimate form of flattery because for so long, we’ve experienced colorism and discrimination, being told that our black skin is not beautiful or “becoming.” Today, the black community has come a long way from that stereotype and embraced all shades of our darker skin tones but colorism and discrimination haven’t been completely eliminated just yet… it’s still a tough subject for a lot of black women.

The Scientific Break-Down of Brown Skin

What some people don’t realize is that the amount of melanin we have in our skin is what determines our skin tone… so pretty much, the more melanin your skin has, the darker your skin will be. Even with that, there is so much more to the skin than what lies “skin deep.” You also have undertones.

Skin tones and undertones are two separate things. Essence.com explains that skin tones can change over time for multiple reasons but undertones remain the same regardless of what type of changes are happening to your outer skin. The combination of the two is part of what our “melanin pop!”

How’d You Get Your Skin So Smooth and Even? What’s Your Secret?

Ok ladies… grab your pen and paper and take notes. Once you finish this article, it’s going to make you take a second look at your own skin care regimen. Maybe you’ll add to it and maybe you’ll remove a few habits that you didn’t realize had a direct impact on your skin…

Nonetheless, what you will get from this article is a broader picture of how to take care of your skin, some possible causes of skin breakouts, and some everyday tips you can do to keep your skin glowing and free from wrinkles!

Possible Causes of Skin Breakouts

Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, a breakout is the worst. There’s nothing more embarrassing than having an unsightly blemish… but have you ever took the time out to get to the root cause of those breakouts? It can actually be a multitude of things that you just never really thought about.

We know the basics like too much caffeine or chocolate, and fluctuations in hormones before starting your monthly cycle but what about other causes?

Your Cell Phone Might Be Doing More Than You Think

Living in a day and age of advanced technology, most of use our cell phones every day for multiple purposes but in knowing that, how often do you clean your cell phone? Something as simple as a quick wiping of your phone screen with an antibacterial wipe can aid in preventing chin and cheek breakouts.

Just think about how many things you touch throughout the day and then touch your phone screen to check emails and social media accounts… all those germs can certainly build up on your phone screen and rest on your face. If you can remember, try cleaning your phone screen once a day with an antibacterial wipe.

Do You Clean Your Makeup Brushes Often Enough?

If you are someone who wears makeup every day, then making sure your makeup brushes are clean is a must. Yes, your face may be clean upon first applying your makeup but what about those times you reapply during the day? You’re more than likely not going to have time to wash your face 2-3 times a day just to reapply makeup, leaving the elements from the day to attach onto your makeup brushes and pads.

If you want to clean your makeup brushes and pads to get rid of particles and debris that can essentially clog your pores, then wash them with clarifying shampoo. You need to do this at least once a week to remove excess build up.

To Remove Frown Lines… Practice the “Smile Anyway” Technique

As a black woman, we’ve been taught as little girls to “smile anyway.” Some black women know it better as “not talking back” “the battle is not yours…” and “keep it moving.” So for some of us who not only have glowing skin but also a face free from wrinkles… we have our mothers to thank for that!

We are put in situations every day where we have to “smile anyway” whether it be from our coworkers or our bosses, from our significant others, and even from our children… sometimes it’s easier to just smile rather than be looked at as having an attitude or mistaking our frustrations as being the stereotypical “angry black woman.”

Now certain situations, there’s no keeping us quiet… we’re going to speak our minds but for the minor stuff… we’ll play it cool and “smile anyway”… our skin will thank us for it.

Skin Care Regimen for Black Women

This is the part where you want to share your knowledge and “secrets” with other black women. Why not create a blog dedicated to black women? We as black women are always talking about how we need to help each other and lift each other up… this is one way to get a head start on that, so if you don’t do it for yourself, do it for the culture!

The first step would be to share your skin care regimen. It’s nothing too difficult… you can achieve healthy, glowing skin with just a few essentials:

    ●    Face Cleanser and Moisturizer
    ●    Body Wash and Moisturizer
    ●    Exfoliant Cream or Glove/Loofah
    ●    Sunscreen of SPF 15 or Higher

Just keep in mind, when it comes to caring for your skin, you want to make sure you wash, moisturize, and apply sunscreen to your skin daily. Trying to take the shortcut of these daily habits can steal the glow and youthfulness of your skin.