Brandy Opens Up About Returning to Music After Dealing With Depression.


In a 2014 interview with, Brandy revealed how her renewed faith helped her to fight crippling depression and return to the public eye via Broadway.

“People would never guess the dark space that I was in about a year ago and how long I was sad and depressed,” the singer said. “It showed in my physical frame and in my eyes. Long story short: I cried out for help and the decision followed to be “the best version of myself” I then did the “work” spiritually, mentally and physically and saw my old life disappear. Chicago presented itself to me and I then stepped into my dream. I’m wide-awake now. Thank you, God.”

Ahead of a slate of planned performances in Australia, the singer touches on her mental health struggles again, in hopes that her story would also help fans.

“My last experience is one of the greatest stories I have to tell, it was one of the craziest transitions of my life. Coming into my own as woman, fighting depression, coming out of depression into this Broadway girl who realised I was born for theatre and moved to a whole new space where I feel like I can do anything if I put my mind to it, I’m no longer in a box.

“That’s a story that needs to be told and told in the rawest sense. So many people can relate. Even if they can relate in terms of where I am in the end, hopefully some people in the middle can think “OK, if she can survive it, I can survive my own stuff’. I just want to be an example. I want to be the face of triumph.”

Earlier this year, Brandy opened up a new chapter in her career with a new single and music video, and news of an upcoming album. The new releases marked the first time in the former teen star’s longtime music career, that she decided to release music independently.

In March, the Grammy-winning singer filed a suit against her former label, Chameleon Entertainment Group in Los Angeles Superior Court. Brandy claimed that Chameleon was trying to prevent her from recording or releasing music, as a way to coerce her into signing another contract with them.

Brandy’s upcoming tour in Australia kicks off her first major set of performances in the country, and will also include some of her new>