Cam’ron Loses Lawsuit Over Iconic Photo.

New York Rapper Cam’ron has been to ordered
pay up to the tune of five figures after losing a lawsuit to photographer Djamilla Rosa Cochran.

In 2003, Cochran captured Cameron Ezike Giles, known as Cam’ron, wearing a pink fur coat with matching hat while holding a pink flip phone. The image was shot during New York Fashion Week.

The image became iconic and even enjoyed a recent resurgence on social media, becoming somewhat of a meme. Both Drake and Lil Nas X have sported their own versions of the look. Lil Nas X rocked the look for Halloween in 2019, while Drake wore a similar take on the pink fur ensemble in early 2023. Speaking to Billboard in 2020, Cam’ron expressed appreciation for all of the contemporary artists doing their takes on his legendary look.

Back in April of 2023, it was reported that Cam’ron would have his day in court after documents revealed the rapper’s Dipset Couture merch line feature various iterations of the popular pink picture. Items such as shower curtains, pillows, socks, and even bikinis featured the image. At one point even Kim Kardashian shared an instagram post of socks that she had purchased for daughter North West. Use of the the Cochran’s image dates back as far as 2014, with Cam’ron himself frequently advertising new merchandise.

Cochran, who was seeking $57,000 in addition to $10,000 in legal fees was awarded a default judgement. As of this posting, Cam’ron is no longer selling any merch featuring Cochran’s image.