Can a hair transplant in Turkey change your life?

Is it possible for a hair transplant to completely change the course of your life? Sounds dramatic, but men that take control of their hair loss report feelings of renewed youthfulness and confidence, which can give them a boost in both their professional and personal lives.

John started losing his hair at 36, and by 42 he was ready for a transplant.

“I felt young but I looked old – when my hair re-grew, I felt the outer me was a better fit to the inner me. This definitely affected my confidence at work. I asked for a raise – and got it! Of course, I can’t put that down to the hair alone, but it definitely affected how dynamic I felt,”

As Turkey is fast becoming the hair transplant specialist capital of the world, many professionals such as Sadiq opt for an all-inclusive service, rather than trying to navigate the hair transplant Turkey market themselves.

Sadiq found that just as he was reaching his peak in terms of self-confidence and wisdom, he was starting to lose his hair. A messy divorce followed, and he decided to take control.

“I was going back into the dating pool and competing with men younger than me at work. I wanted to put the clock back ten years, to when I was full of energy and confidence. I was top of sales every month, driving a new car every year and I’d just got married. It was a good time in my life. When my hair returned, I looked in the mirror and saw that guy again. I can’t begin to tell you how great that felt, and it definitely affected my confidence, especially with women,”

Both John and Sadiq had their whole hair transplant experience handled by MedAway in the UK. While there are many clinics and options available in Turkey, and over 350 clinics to choose from, both men felt that a door-to-door, all-inclusive package was an important part of the whole experience. Although John is an experienced traveller, he explains why he opted for a package rather than a DIY approach.

“Taking back control of my hair was an important thing for me. It was vital that it was handled properly, by experts. I didn’t want any part of it to be left to chance, and I wanted to be sure I was getting the very best treatment. I definitely feel I made the right choice, and I came home rejuvenated mentally,”