CBD Tincture: Can You Consume It If You Have Hair Fall Issues?

Although it is tough to know the exact reason for hair fall, board-certified dermatologists can help find the genuine reason for the disorder.

As hair fall is a common disorder in humans, many products available on the market can treat or cure the disorder. In addition, people with hereditary hair loss may also observe improvement after applying such products. Thus, people facing a receding hairline or reduction in hair volume should consult a doctor.

However, people nowadays are avoiding synthetic products and choosing organic ones. One such organic extract is CBD tincture. But what is Cannabidiol tincture? Stick with us, and you will get to know about it. However, sunset lakes cbd will be a one-stop shopping option if you have already decided to buy CBD tincture. Let’s begin.

What Is CBD?

CBD is the short form of Cannabidiol. It is the second most abundantly found cannabinoid or compound in the Cannabis plant after THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). People use the extract to get help for various disorders as it isn’t as psychoactive as THC. However, there is little evidence regarding the therapeutic properties of the compound, and there is ongoing research on it.

There are three distinct types of CBD products available – Full spectrum (a mixture of CBD and 0.3% THC), Broad spectrum( a mixture of CBD and all other cannabis compounds), and isolate( contains only Cannabidiol). People use full-spectrum CBD products most widely because the Federal government of the USA states that no Cannabidiol product should contain more than 0.3% of THC by dried weight.

Can CBD Tincture Help Reduce Hair Fall?

Alopecia, known as hair loss, is one of the most common disorders dermatologists diagnose. It is non-contagious. However, there may be some contagious diseases where hair fall is a symptom. One of the most common reasons hair fall occurs is genetic factors, and ringworm can also be a cause.

Hemp extracts like CBD, when added to carrier oils, may help regress hair over time. Thus, CBD tincture may be helpful for people fighting hair fall. A study in 2021 revealed that when people applied CBD tincture to their scalp and hair for six months, they observed transformation, and the results were more promising for men than women.

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One of the common reasons for hair fall is stress and anxiety. Research shows that CBD oil may help people with stress and reduce anxiety. Thus, a reduction in day-to-day stress may help promote hair follicle regrowth. However, we can’t guarantee that CBD oil can fix hair loss issues because people need more scientific evidence. However, there are a few more things that you must know before you decide on using CBD tincture.

1. How Can CBD Tincture Be Effective?

Recent research states that the effects of Cannabidiol depend on the dosage one consumes. In the earlier study, people consumed around three to four mg of the compound only to get results in six months. However, the effects were 93.5% effective.

However, due to a lack of research, the effects may differ from person to person, and it may also depend on several factors like the cause behind the disorder, age of the person, gender of the person, etc. Thus, CBD tincture may only be helpful for some facing hair loss.

2. How To Use CBD Tincture For Hair Loss?

People with problems with hair loss typically use CBD tincture in two ways:

      ●   If you choose CBD tincture for hair loss treatment, you can directly use it on your scalp.

      ●   You can also mix the tincture with your shampoo and conditioner. However, this may reduce the effectiveness. The 2021 study we discussed earlier showed that the direct application of Cannabidiol on the scalp was more effective than the diluted one.

3. How To Choose A Good Quality CBD Tincture?

If you have decided to use CBD tincture to get help with hair loss, you have to keep a few things in mind. Let’s check them.

      ●   The tincture must use full-spectrum Cannabidiol extract because you will get CBD mixed with other cannabinoids and an appropriate and legal amount of THC. However, if you don’t wish to have THC inside the product, you can choose a broad spectrum wherein you will get CBD alongside all other cannabinoids minus THC.

      ●   Hemp should be grown in the USA, and the cultivators should hold a license because, according to laws, it’s essential for all hemp cultivators to hold licenses.

      ●   The product should have third-party lab test reports. It shows that the company has responsibility and works with credibility. Lab reports help consumers know that the product is free from heavy metals like Arsenic and harmful microbes that may cause diseases in humans, and the ingredients on the labeling match the ones inside the product.

4. What Other Treatments Can I Use?

Besides using Cannabidiol tincture, you can also try other natural remedies to help with hair fall issues. Let’s see what those are.

      ●   Hair fall may arise due to a lack of vitamins in the diet. Increasing the iron and zinc in your diet may promote hair regrowth.

      ●   As discussed earlier, stress plays a significant role in increasing hair loss tendencies. Thus, if you can manage stress well, you can reduce the chances of hair loss.

      ●   Enjoying a balanced diet every day can help lower the chances of hair loss. You should eat high levels of protein and omega-3 fatty acids because these nutrients may help promote hair growth.

Other supplements that you can use include Minoxidil, Spironolactone pills, topical tretinoin, and Ketoconazole shampoo. All these products are FDA-approved and may help boost hair growth.

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It would be best if you always took care of the dosage of medicated CBD. As a beginner, you should start with small quantities and gradually increase the dosage. You also must identify the correct dosage because it depends on factors like body weight, BMR, what condition you are trying to fight, and the amount of Cannabidiol in the product. Ultimately, we would say that it is up to you if you wish to use CBD tincture because whether the effects will benefit you isn’t guaranteed. However, there may be no harm in using the extract with the ideal dosage.