Cleaning Heroes to Ensure Safety of Your House

Homeowners find it challenging to clean their house. House cleaning is not the only challenge because you have to ensure responsible and safe sanitation. Foreign substances, bacteria, and germs bound your surroundings. These are harmful to human bodies. People depend on powerful cleaners to remove germs and clean their surroundings. Unfortunately, these cleaners are loaded with chemicals and toxins. These are equally bad for your environment and bodies.
You will need extra time and efforts to clean your house in an environmentally friendly and safe manner. By carefully selecting products for house cleaning, you must avoid any compromise to the health of the environment and family. Here are some ideas for safe cleaning of your house without harmful chemicals.

Food-safe Items for Kitchen

Restaurants are still using products that contain ammonia and chlorine. These chemicals can cause respiratory issues, eye, and skin irritation. Ultimately, they can lead you to chronic and acute health conditions. Make sure to avoid these restaurants and prefer those places that use safe cleaning products without harsh chemicals.

Similarly, your house needs safe products for cleaning. All-purpose cleaners may contain TEA, DEA, and MEA (ethanolamine compounds). These cleaning products are common in almost every house. You should have the practice to read labels and ignore product based on TEA, DEA, and MEA. Carefully purchase cleaners to clean utensils and surfaces.

Discard Harmful Cleaning Items

Chlorine in bleach, toxins of pesticides and phosphates in detergents wreak chaos on delicate ecosystem after leaving local sewage plants. If you can identify the harmful products in your house, you must discard them. Instead of throwing or dumping these chemicals in the drain, you must take these items to the hazardous waste municipal facility. They can dispose of these items safely.

Make Safe Cleaning Products

Instead of purchasing cleaning products from the market, you can make them at home. You can follow particular formulas to create your cleaners. See the below recipe for quick carpet cleaning with vinegar:

    · Water: ½ gallon
    · Baking soda: ¼ cup
    · Vinegar: ½ cup

This cleaner is used to remove stains, clean mirrors, and surfaces. You can clean tiles, deck and other surfaces with this cleaner.

Responsibly Wash Clothes

You can decrease the emissions of carbon dioxide by almost 550 pounds by avoiding the use of hot water. Prefer line drying instead of tossing your clothes in a dryer to decrease consumption of natural gas and electricity.

Numerous people are unaware that their cleaning habits have a significant contribution to greenhouse discharges. You can replace hot water with cold water for the safety of ecosystem.
People often take their cleaning habits and products for granted. If you want to save this plant, you have to take the responsibility for your actions. Make sure to stop the use of harmful cleaning solutions. If you need housecleaning services, choose reliable service provider like King of Maids. They always prefer eco-friendly products for cleaning. With your safe and smart choices, you can decrease the detrimental effects of harsh chemicals.