Continue to Embrace the Season with These Summer Bra Trends

The summer heat will be here for a while, leaving us to rummage through our closets for the perfect warm weather ensembles, we may often overlook one crucial element of our outfits: the right bra. Though many don’t necessarily think of bras as seasonal items like coats or mittens, industry specialists suggest it’s key to revamp your lingerie collection according to the changing seasons.

Much like mainstream fashion, lingerie also follows trends, while retaining a focus on practicality and function. Striking a balance between style and comfort in your lingerie choices can make all the difference to your confidence and comfort, setting you up for an unforgettable summer season.

Staying Cool and Collected

Although summer means soaking up the sun and enjoying outdoor activities, the heat can often make us feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. Earlier, options for staying cool were limited to cotton bras that offered little support, skipping a bra entirely (which has its own complications), or limiting ourselves to air-conditioned environments. Thankfully, the invention of cooling bras has altered this scenario. These innovative bras, once only available as sports bras, use advanced fabrics that maintain a comfortable temperature. The most effective cooling bras are crafted from a silky microfiber material, with breathable mesh details and an open back design for maximum ventilation.

Eco-friendly Elegance

For bras with unique features perfect for summer, consider those made with sustainable fabrics such as bamboo-derived Tencel or Lenzing Modal. These materials not only help in moisture management and ventilation, but they also possess antibacterial properties. The best part is, the features that keep you cool and comfortable are also kind to our planet.

Strapless Glamour

Dora Lau, the founder and president of Dora L. International, has revolutionized the world of strapless bras, an indispensable part of every summer wardrobe. Lau notes that the strapless bra has evolved, especially in catering to the needs of plus-size customers. According to her, strapless bras with a wider back provide a smoother appearance, and wire-free versions are equipped with unique features that ensure they stay in place.

Comfort and Confidence in One

Lau, who champions the belief that “confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear,” suggests that the Everyday Bra will gain popularity not just in summer but all year round. The Everyday Bra offers comfort and ample support for a range of daily activities. As many women now juggle a hybrid work schedule – with some days at home and others in the office – there’s a need for a distinct home wardrobe. Whether it’s a morning yoga session, hours spent at the desk, or an afternoon walk with the dog, the Everyday Bra offers consistent support and does away with the need for constant readjustments.