Couple Seeks Corporate Sponsorship For Their Upcoming Nuptials. They’ll Even Wear a Logo On The Big Day.

Courtney Mckenzie, Jamil

Weddings are big business, and can seriously cost big bucks. Nowadays, many couples are looking for creative ways to get the most for their money. Or, in the case, of Courtney and Jamil, some couples are also looking to creative ways to get the funds needed for their creative dream wedding.

According to an interview Courtney did with Cosmopolitan Magazine, when the couple sat down to begin wedding planning and were faced with a guest list of 250 people, they decided to elope. But, instead of running to the courthouse or to Las Vegas, they’d rather run to Thailand for an exotic 11-day vacation, a pricey but memorable option, that comes with a $30,000 price tag. In order to raise the funds, Courtney and Jamil opted to pay for things, the good old-fashioned, American Way — product placement. The couple set up a Facebook page as well as an accompanying website that outlines sponsorship levels in order to solicit sponsors, they also promise to Tweet, “hashtag”, Facebook and Instagram throughout the entire 11-day excursion to give brands extra exposure. And most importantly, Courtney is even willing to rock a corporate logo on her wedding dress. “I’m looking forward to putting a logo on my wedding dress. I can’t wait”, she gushed during an interview in a segment on the Today show.

So far Courtney and Jamil have secured wedding rings and accommodations, but are still seeking sponsors. They also plan to donate a portion of the wedding fund to charity. Courtney and Jamil have been featured in a flurry of press over the past few weeks and reactions to their wedding sponsorship solicitation have been mixed.

According to Courtney,

“I’ve gotten a lot of emails saying, ‘This is so tacky,’ ‘How can you put a logo on your wedding dress?’ ‘Your daughter will never be able to wear your dress,'” she said. “It stings a bit. But we feel good about doing it. And it’ll be a fun story to tell our kids.”

She’s definitely right about that one. If you are interested in sponsoring the nuptials of Courtney and Jamil, head on over to