Current Fashionable Lehenga Blouse Designs

There are times the Lehenga was restricted to the bride, but not today when they are everywhere and everyone has at least a pair in their closet. Anyhow the bridal couture is a starter of where a Lehenga is commonly found. It has diversified with the help of designers both new and old. There is so much evolution to the Lehenga trends and the choli designs that are available in the market. This has left the Indian women spoilt for choice with a variety of blouses to choose from. This is good news to the fashionistas who can be able to afford every available design no matter how overwhelming it might be to choose your options. Below are some of the best Lehenga blouse designs in twos that match up to various personalities that you can choose from.

Plunge ‘V’ and Heavy gold work Lehenga blouse

The first one is brocade Lehenga blouse that has a deep plunge V neckline that is not as common but it looks splendid on the wearer. The brocade fabric is what is now commonly used and is found in other attires such as dupattas, Lehengas and they look beautiful in this full-blown brocade fabric. A dupatta can assist if the V neckline is uncomfortable to tie it up as a saree to add some zing to the look. The heavy gold work Lehenga can have an additional cape sleeve or not. The gold work on the blouse makes it attractive and when worn to pair a red or green Lehenga it brings out an elegant outfit. It is a great look like a crop top lehengas for wedding for it is a perfect eye turner. Have sheer cape sleeves to the blouse to make it more outstanding.

Ruffle and Crop top off shoulder Lehenga blouses

The ruffled off-shoulder Lehenga blouse has taken over the modern stores in various designs. Either it is on a dress, salwar suits, t-shirts or blouses. With the traditional Lehenga well embroidered the off-shoulder, ruffles balance the lookout and give the outfit the pop that it deserves. You can wear a dupatta over it or opt not to wear it. The other blouse design is the crop top choli with off-shoulder sleeves that is a great design to match up your Lehenga. This design was made to blend with the modern aesthetic without compromising on the ethnic elements and to get this stylish svelte sleeve crop top choli that complements your Lehenga.

Off-shoulder Flap sleeves and glass sequin full sleeves Lehenga blouse

The off-shoulder flap sleeves Lehenga blouse is a beautiful Lehenga choli for a beautiful bride. Especially if it is of pastel tones to adorn it to a pre-wedding party. The trending off-shoulder neckline is taking over the Indian Lehenga choli design and now the sleeves are what are evolving out more and the flap sleeves on this blouse give it a classic and unique look. The full sleeves Lehenga blouse with glass sequin is a complete dazzle to your attire, especially when matched with a matching Lehenga with glass sequin work. Give this Lehenga a shot since it is a way from the usual colors of red, green and golds and it will still be in line with the Indian traditions and the modern cuts.

Illusion high neck blouse and Strapless tube top blouse

The illusion of high neck blouse design came, conquered and refused to leave. But the Indian fashionista women love it due to its unique look and beauty when embellished with stoned studded floral work for the bodice to match your Lehenga. Due to the detailing of this blouse design, you can mellow down the Lehenga and keep it simple. The other one, that is the strapless tube top blouse is a modern blouse that now is used to blend with the traditional Lehenga perfectly. It is being embraced more now in the Indian fashion world from the runways to the current modern brides. Adorn to it and show off your beautiful collar bones.

The high center slit long jacket and Broad V neck Lehenga Blouse

The high center slit long jacket blouse has opened up new avenues to explore for both customers and designers as well. This blouse style is what fashion is made of. It makes you stand out with this inverted V blouse design as it blends in to cover your Lehenga to the hem in its jacket styling as it redefines the Lehenga choli looks. Choose the Broad V neck blouse with a sheer covering to the neck that allows the V-Neck to be well outlined and beautifully exposed. This blouse design looks serene, and, to top it all, the way it blends in with a flared Lehenga puts it on another fashionable level. Wear this if you are bride-to-be or share this design look to the bridal team to wear it as a matching design to the wedding ceremony.

The Broad Back neck blouse and The Fish panel back

The broad back neck is jaw-dropping and magnificent and as much as its front part is covered up the back part has minimal detailing but the broad back neck brings an elegant twist to this blouse design. The Blouse can be in red, orange and even green to blend well with the glamorous Lehenga making it more glam and a great head turner. You can transform this look by keeping the skirt and blouse minimal with fewer embellishments and plain and allow the back design to take over. Another similar blouse with similar designs but with a cover-up is the Fish Panel back neck embroidery that will shift the focus to the back of your blouse. You can add a dupatta to the front only to ensure the back is well exposed. The best fabric for this blouse design is velvet and pure silk while the best colors are red and gold to bring out the fish panel design in a more sophisticated look and to embrace this blouse design more.