DC Comics and CW Announce Vixen Animated Series.

Vixen TV Series

The CW has announced that DC Comics heroine Vixen will be starring in her own animated series. Marc Guggenheim, executive producer of Arrow will be overseeing the project.

Vixen aka Mari Jiwe McCabe hails from the fictional African nation of Zambesi, M’Changa province. She moves to America to live in New York City, where she works as a model during the day. Part of her powers involve the use of a totem created by Anansi the Spider at the behest of Tantu, an ancient African warrior.

Vixen was originally supposed to debut as the star of her own DC Comics series in 1978, making her the publisher’s first African heroine. Plans for the series were scrapped after a series of cutbacks, so instead the character appeared in team comics most notably Justice League and Suicide Squad.

Vixen also featured in the Justice League Unlimited animated series. She was voiced by Gina Torres. The upcoming Vixen series will be taking place in the same universe as CW’s Arrow and The Flash series. No word on yet on a premiere date or who will be voicing her character.

I’m hoping that this series leads to us seeing Vixen in a live-action feature.