Dressing Vintage: A How-To Guide

As they always say – what goes around comes around and in the interests of vintage fashion, this is certainly the case. For those who are looking to achieve their very own sense of style, the vintage style is very appealing for the sole reason that it’s completely different to current fashion trends; each individual piece is completely unique. However, many who wish to try their hand at vintage often worry about looking ‘costume like’. If you’re completely new to vintage fashion and are unsure of how to pull off the look, we’ve put together some of the best tips to follow on how to dress well in vintage

Pick clothing that looks like current trends

If you’re not brave enough to be completely ‘out there’ and choose clothing that hasn’t been in fashion for decades, then you may wish to play it safe by choosing vintage pieces that reflect current trends. This would be the best way of finding your feet before completely jumping into the vintage fashion world. If you don’t fancy wearing true vintage in the early days, there are many designers and stores that sell vintage-inspired garments and accessories that could start off your new sense of style. Sunglasses for example, come in an array of vintage style designs– cat eyes reflect the 1950s, while John Lennon style round glasses are classic 1970s. There are a variety of styles on GlassesOnWeb to suit all individual styles

Select a statement piece

When it comes to purchasing vintage items, always think about how it would work itself into an outfit. If the piece has bold color palettes and patterns, ensure you know how to play it down so it can pair up with a variety of different outfits to avoid it looking like fancy dress. If in any doubt, keep your look simple – sometimes a pop of bright red lipstick is all that’s needed to make your outfit pop.


If you’re not quite ready to change your wardrobe to experiment in the vintage style, then you could always start off by trialing out new styles with your hair. Once you’ve got one that’s easy to do and suits your face shape, you’re on your way to flaunting vintage styling. It’s okay to wear it day in and day out, as it will almost become part of your identity. Browse online at some of the most famous celebrities in the era you’re interested in to see which hairstyles they typically sported.

Make it livable for your everyday life

How do you feel when wearing your vintage outfit? Do you feel as though this new change of style was made for you, or do you feel as though you’re play-acting? The type of clothes we wear can have a massive impact on how we feel about ourselves, but on most occasions, this usually comes down to how practical the style is to maintain on a day-to-day basis; when going to work, for example. If you’re more worried about what you’re wearing by feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable, then you need to re-think that choice. Your style should come across as well-thought out, but also effortless at the same time and find pieces that fit in with your everyday lifestyle.