Elisa Johnson, Daughter of Magic Johnson, is Your Newest ‘It’ Girl.

Elisa Johnson
Image by Maya McHenry for CR Fashion Book.

Odds you are probably already familiar with EJ Johnson, the fashionable and flamboyant star of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills , who also happens to be the son of legendary basketball player Magic Johnson.

Now, it looks like another Johnson offspring is poised to take the spotlight. Twenty-one year old Elisa Johnson, the youngest of Magic Johnson’s kids recently moved to New York in hopes of making a name for herself.

“I want to make a name for myself in the fashion and entertainment worlds,” she tells CR Fashion Book. “A major goal of mine is to have my own sunglasses line as they’re kind of my signature piece. I’ve also always wanted to be a performer slash singer. That’s my greatest passion, but I do worry about how harsh the industry can be.”

Who knows what’s in the cards for Elisa, but as her six-figure Instagram following continues to grow by the minute, something tells me that her name will be on everyone’s tongues in the immediate future.