Entrepreneurs. Tanisha Robinson is a Master of Million Dollar Memes.

Tanisha Robinson Print Syndicate
(Tanisha Robinson via The Columbus Dispatch)

Tanisha Robinson, is the co-founder of Print Syndicate, the company that brought you Notorious RBG, and other memes. The Columbus, Ohio based company, which launched in 2012 and is made up of about 15 employees, scours the internet for hot trends and interesting subcultures and uses that research to create products with hilarious original memes.

Another hit meme for Print Syndicate was a T-shirt that reads “Introverts Unite. Occasionally in small groups for very limited periods of time.”

“Sports fan have thousands of places to get things,” Robinson tells CNN. “But what about introverts, feminists, knitters and science geeks. We create products that speak to their social identity.”