European Men’s Magazine Prints Special Issue With HIV+ Blood To Combat Stigma.

Vangardist Magazine Germany

Vangardist, an alternative men’s magazine, based in Germany, asked 3 HIV+ men to donate their blood for an important cause. The publication mixed the blood with ink at a ratio of 28 parts ink to 1 part donated blood and used the mixture to print a special 3,000 special edition issues.

Vangardist Magazine Germany

Famed design firm Saatchi & Saatchi in Switzerland, which teamed up with Vangardist to create the issue, stresses that handling the magazine carries no risk, but also made the decision to wrap each issue in plastic to emphasize the stigma associated with AIDS and HIV.

Vangardist Magazine Germany

The creators of Vangardist hope that the issue will open up a new dialogue, as many feel that AIDS and HIV awareness is not as prominent today as it was in the past.

According to Julian Wiehl, publisher and CEO of Vangardist:

‘The editorial team at Vangardist is committed to dealing with a wide variety of topics affecting our readers.

‘We believe that as a lifestyle magazine it is our responsibility to address the issues shaping society today.

‘With 80 per cent more confirmed cases of HIV being recorded in 2013 than 10 years previously and an estimated 50 per cent of HIV cases being detected late due to lack of testing caused by social stigma associated with the virus.

‘This felt like a very relevant issue for us to focus on not just editorially but also from a broader communications stand point.’

The issue will be released next week to kick off the annual Life Ball. The Life Ball, which is organized by the nonprofit organization AIDS LIFE, founded in 1992, is the largest charity event for people living with HIV or AIDS in Europe. This year’s ball takes place on May 16th.

Vangardist Magazine Germany

(British model Naomi Campbell presents a creation during the 20th Life Ball, an annual AIDS charity event, at Vienna’s city hall on May 19, 2012. Nearly 40,000 people dressed in colourful costumes attended this year’s Life Ball, Vienna’s glitzy annual AIDS charity, today, with actress Milla Jovovich and former US president Bill Clinton among those adding to the star factor. AFP PHOTO / SAMUEL KUBANI.)