Everlast Combats Sexism in Sports With New Promo ‘I’m a Boxer.’

Everlast Boxer Promo

Boxing and fitness goods giant Everlast recently dropped this inspirational ad which combats sexism in sports. Directed by Claire Edmondson, the promo features six-time world champion boxer Lisa ‘Bad News’ Brown, with actress Makayla Maxwell narrating and playing a younger version of Brown. In the promo, Maxwell states: “Don’t call me a female boxer.”

Director Claire Edmonson tells the Huffington Post,

“There seems to be a trend happening where women’s career titles are constantly being genderized,” Claire Edmondson, who directed the commercial, wrote in an email to The Huffington Post. “For instance, I’m constantly referred to as a ‘female director’ instead of a ‘director’ and I wanted to address that. I also wanted to make something positive for young girls to see.”