Exclusive Music Premiere. Francine Thirteen’s Latest Ritual Pop Track. ‘Lady Mary, The Fire/Pars Una.’

Francine Thirteen

Francine Thirteen is an Austin, Texas-based artist who artfully fuses elements of mysticism, pop, soul, and jazz, to create a style of music she brands “Ritual Pop.”

Her track, “Lady Mary, The Fire/Pars Una” is the latest release from her upcoming project 4 Marys and The King.

According to Francine, 4 Marys and The King “is a dystopian album inspired by the characters in Nina Simone’s iconic song, Four Women and by the themes in Octavia Butler’s classic novel, Parable of The Sower. It explores the power of female archetypes to interrupt and dismantle the status quo. Respectively, the 4 Marys represent the powers of earth, air, water, and fire. As such, I also refer to the project as a sonic book of shadows. Lady Mary is the fire, and uses her gifts of intuition/beauty/sex appeal to acquire the King’s favor and her own personal wealth. Unbeknownst to most people at court, she uses these same gifts to conspire against him.”

The EP will be released later this summer, at the end of July or early August.

Images by Kat Goins.