Favour Jonathan Uses Passport Style Selfies to Celebrate Black Hair.

Favour Jonathan

Favour Jonathan is a 21-year-old photographer and art student, studying at London’s esteemed Central Saint Martins school.

Her ongoing series, “A Statement of Pride,” employs passport style photography to celebrate black hair and honor her Nigerian heritage.

Favour Jonathan

The distinctive project even caught the eye of the marketing team at Apple, landing Jonathan in the brand’s Selfies on iPhone X campaign.

Jonathan, who uses a photobooth to take her images, also styles her hair herself.

“I feel like I have the power to change it whenever I want to, because I know how to do it,” says Jonathan. “A lot of Black women – we know how to do our hair just right and just how we like it. I’m not a fan of other people touching my hair.”

So far Jonathan has featured in 66 different images, with just as many different hair styles. To keep up with Favour Jonathan’s work, follow her on Instagram.