Five pairs of women’s shoes to buy for the next summer

Summer is, on one hand, probably the most expected season, but on the other one, it could be very troublesome, especially for those who aim to dress in style at any time of the year. From this perspective, summer can be tricky, because you have to match cosiness and style at the maximum levels: two parameters that don’t get along with each other very often.

Women’s shoes are the item that, more than any other, makes this issue clearly visible and evident. For those women who pay special attention to their attire, even when they are on vacation and/or are enjoying some leisure time, choosing the right pair(s) of shoes for the hottest season is frequently a brain teaser. Nothing seems to fulfil every basic requirement, and it seems that there’s always something missing. How to cope with such a dilemma?
Fortunately, many major fashion houses are fully aware of the problem, and each and every year try to solve it, proposing a series of new shoe models for women, able (theoretically) to match comfort and fanciness. If we take a look at the most relevant and reliable e-commerce websites (like, for example, TheDoubleF), we can easily realize how much this kind of issue is taken into account by the biggest brands. And we can also take an overall view at the solutions proposed by each one of them. Below you’ll find five of the most interesting, innovative, probably convincing ones.

Which shoes to choose for this summer:

1. Prada’s white brushed leather mules. Are you looking for an impossible “compromise solution” between a slipper and a walking shoe (a loafer, for example). The Italian Maison created the impossible, in a stunning ivory white (but you can pick the more classical black leather, if you prefer). A shoe that seems to embody the essence of summer.

2. Valentino Garavani’s Black Roman Stud Runway low pumps. The classical Roman Stud design applied on an open shoe, able to embody the typical Valentino Garavani’s touch. A low heel elongates the female figure just enough to add some elegance without affecting the comfort.

3. Valentino Garavani’s Light pink Rockstud high heels. Valentino Garavani is famous for many reasons. One of them is creating – sometimes literally out of the blue – new, cutting-edge shades of colour. This light pink is another top-notch achievement for the Italian Maison, especially if it’s used to further enhance the beauty of this high-heeled shoe. Probably one of the best designed footwear items of the latest years.

4. Alexander McQueen’s Women’s total white Oversize sneakers. A pair of sneakers is always necessary, regardless of the season. The British fashion house revisits this type of shoe adding a thick sole and a bunch of fancy details (visible stitching, holes for breathability on both sides). The ergonomic design and the immaculate white of the entire artifact (including the shoelaces) complete the work.

5. Burberry’s High black leather sandals. A blend between a sandal and a high-heeled shoe? The idea is not that original, but only a few products can be compared with this one. Essential lines and an obsessive attention to detail make this shoe the perfect one for the summer clubbing nights.