For the Love of Black Love: Celebrity Couples We Love Seeing in Love

How many times have you hopped on Instagram and seen your favorite celebrity couples posting pictures on romantic getaways or videos of them just sitting at home doing nothing but enjoying each other’s company? You see it all the time and if you look in the comment section under their posts, you’ll see so many people comment with the hashtag #relationshipgoals or #blacklove. In looking at the celebrity posts, you find yourself wishing that you had or could find a relationship like theirs.

It may not be so much that you wished you could have a relationship like theirs but more so that you wish you could be in a relationship with someone and have the same dynamics of their relationship because it’s clearly working for them. Yes, every relationship is different but the components that make relationships work remain the same, and it’s more than just love.

You see, there is a huge misconception and misrepresentation of love in the media, especially among celebrities… it’s painted to look like a fairytale and that’s not realistic among celebrities or non-celebrities. The aspects of race, sexuality, fidelity, and finances are depicted in such an unrealistic way but the media wants you to think that’s how relationships and marriages are supposed to be… like a fairytale.

Fairytale Love

Black people have had marginalized identities for so long that when they see these “fairytale-like” relationships in the media, they don’t see themselves in those fairytales. But, because of that, that’s why the black community celebrates black love so much. They know the perfectly imperfect side of love and to see other couples experience that, especially black celebrity couples, it’s a joy that enters their heart unlike any other.

Now that’s not to say that relationships and marriages don’t end in the black community. It was was a huge shock to fans everywhere when celebrity comedian Chris Rock and his then-wife Malaak Compton-Rock, called it quits after almost 20 years of marriage. It’s never fun to experience divorce or see celebrities go through it because they’re human beings with emotions just like the rest of everyone else but it’s especially hard to see black couples go through it.

The Bling-Bling… aka the Ring

Social media has allowed fans to keep up with their favorite celebrities through the ins and outs of their day showcasing their relationships too. Cardi B is a celebrity who has no problem letting the world know about her relationship. Do you remember the engagement ring Offset bought her? After seeing that, so many women wanted that ring or a ring similar to it. That ring was THE ring that made men step their game up and really search for engagement rings that make a statement and tell the world how much you love your woman. Of course, it’s not the ring that will sustain a healthy and happy marriage but it sure plays a role in it!

The true essence of sustaining a happy marriage is things like compromise and sacrifice as well as understanding and raw honesty, even the kind of honesty that hurts. Even with the glitz and glam of Hollywood, these celebrity black couples have seemed to master the essence of true love and everything it takes to make it last. Take a look at these celebrity power couples that have made their mark in love and in our hearts. We hope to see their love last a lifetime.

Power Couple 1: Barack and Michelle Obama

The former President and First Lady have been making power moves long before entering the White House but ever since they moved out into somewhat of a normal life, people have even more reasons to love the two. Whether it’s the hand-holding and eye winks shared between the two or Bracks attempt to sing that made you love the couple, you could look at them know it’s real love. If you’ve read her book Becoming, you know that their love story wasn’t an easy one or like a fairytale but you know it was built on a solid foundation and that nothing is going to break it.

Power Couple 2: Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Beyoncé is considered to be the most powerful woman in the music industry and she’s known for putting on phenomenal shows which has earned her the title of being the greatest entertainer living. Her better half is hailed as the best rapper alive and successful businessman… you put those two people together, you have power couple that can run the world! They have been called by many, the royal family of America!

Power Couple 3: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith

This fun power couple is a couple that is always dropping gems on the “gram” to make you think. One gem they dropped that made people fall in love with all over again was their take on happiness. Essence Magazine has the full scoop on the couple’s take in happiness but in a summarized version, the couple states that no one can make someone happy. Your partner can make you smile and they can make you laugh but the only person that can make YOU happy is YOU.

You have to be responsible for your own happiness and come to your partner aking them to fill your cup because it’s not fair. You have to find your own happiness and then bring that to the relationship so that the happiness you each have within yourselves can be shared with each other. If that’s not a testament, nothing is!

Power Couple 4: Dewayne Wade and Gabrielle Union

From dressing in matching outfits to struggling with conception, the Wade’s are a couple that makes your heart smile when you see them together. They’ve publicly had highs and lows but endured both on a solid foundation. They’re a couple that knows that life is too short to be unhappy so they have fun despite the life struggles they’ve endured together. They have a blended family and are riding off into the sunset. Don’t you just love black love?