Frequent Headaches? Avoid Doing These 4 Things

There are a lot of things that we do on a daily basis that are not very good for our health. Bad habits that end up giving us problems like ulcers, high blood pressure and frequent headaches.

The problem is that we often don’t even realize that we are contributing to our health problems. At this point, everybody knows that we need to try to relax and not let stress get to us. But there are a lot of little things that we also have to eliminate from our lives to avoid any health problems.

If you find that you are having frequent headaches and feel stressed and tired as a result, it’s time to take a look at your habits to see if they are contributing to them. In this article, I will highlight several things that you may be doing that could be having an effect.

1 – Wear the wrong glasses

If you wear glasses then the very first thing you should be looking at is what and how you wear them. This is most likely the reason that you are having headaches. Likewise the wrong contact lenses.

For instance, if your prescription is getting a bit old, then you may need to update it to have a more accurate lens as it could be affecting your vision. And this is almost certainly why you are having headaches.

Even the wrong frame can contribute. If your glasses are too heavy then this could be causing a sort of stress headache. Look into Ultem glasses or something similar if this is the case as they are lightweight and hardly feel like you are wearing glasses at all.

2 – Not watching what you drink

Our bodies need a certain equilibrium of water to stay healthy and it has a direct impact on our brain. If you are dehydrated, one of the first ways you feel it is to have headaches.

If you are drinking a lot of caffeine and not enough water to compensate, then this could be what is triggering your headaches. Coffee is a big diuretic and causes a flush of fluid out of the body very quickly. When you drink a cup of coffee it needs to be followed up by a glass of water to offset what you are losing.

The same goes for alcohol. If you enjoy a glass of wine at dinner, it may make you feel relaxed, but pretty soon you could be getting a headache because you didn’t drink any water along with it.

3 – Not getting enough sleep

Sleep is essential for us to repair the damage done to our bodies and minds throughout the course of the day. When we deny ourselves a good night’s sleep, we are not allowing these repairs to happen and it contributes to stress and headaches as well as other problems.

Even diabetes and high blood pressure are part of the equation when we don’t sleep enough.

Do what you need to do to make sure that you sleep enough at night. Get exercise and eat the right foods. And above all, put the tablets and phones away at night. This not only hurts your chances of sleeping well, butthe blue light transmitted by the device is really bad for your eyes. This is a double whammy that is contributing to your headaches.

4 – Eating too much processed foods

Fast foods are a big contributor to many health problems but in this case, we’ll focus on how they affect you getting frequent headaches.

They are full of artificial ingredients, salt and preservatives that usually mess around with our blood. Usually a big spike in insulin occurs and our blood pressure rises. A rise in blood pressure directly affects you in the sense that it contributes greatly to headaches.

The excess salt also does a number on our system and can cause you to become dehydrated and get headaches as a result. It pulls moisture out of our cells which then need to be repaired.

Instead, eat whole foods that have been minimally processed so you can have a balanced diet and get the minerals and nutrients you need. Our health begins and ends with our diet so if you want to avoid headaches, then start eating right. Lots of fruit and vegetables, not too much salt and sugar and keep carbs to a minimum. Eat this way for a few weeks and you will see your headaches disappear.