From Skincare to Outfits: What Should be Your Fashion & Style Backup?

Every now and then, you may feel lazy and have no energy to decide what to wear on a night out with your friends. Many guys share a similar dilemma. And if you can’t pick anything, you choose a random outfit while compromising on style and fashion.

Well, this article will guide you through some outfits and skincare products that make you look stylish even when you are lazy.

Before we get to the point, you must understand how most men stay fashionable even when lazy. Usually, they prefer combinations of tops or t-shirts that look good with certain trousers or pants. This way, you can avoid wasting time thinking about what you should wear at the last minute.

For that, you need to keep a few outfits available for lazy days. Are you still confused? Here are some examples of outfits and skincare backups for lazy days. Use these for inspiration, so you never spend a day compromising on style.

For Outfit

1. A Coat

No matter if you choose a denim or leather jacket, or simply wear a black color topcoat, focus on layering. Wear light or cool colored t-shirt inside. You can even create contrast by wearing a light blue t-shirt inside a blue or black coat. A coat is a must-have option you should keep in your wardrobe as a backup because you can layer it with any color. You should not skip this game-changing outfit.

2. A Green Wallet

You might have a lot of blue or black wallets in your wardrobe, but have you ever tried a green one? You can go preppy or military with this item. Wallets are usually not part of the outfit, but it does have an effect on your outfit. A unique green one can look cool with any style.

3. Chelsea Boots

These boots will work best on any t-shirt and slim-cut jeans you usually wear. Furthermore, once you buy a pair of high-quality boots, you do not have to buy another for several years. Hence, we suggest you get some Chelsea boots as a style backup.

4. Sneakers

Sneakers will go best with any outfit you wear, so using them as a fashion backup item is a great idea. You don’t necessarily need a specific sneaker; just buy ones that look good on you.

5. A Fall-Fabric Suit

A fabric suit does not only work for your office with a dress code, but you can also wear these on outings. The good thing is that you do not have to buy these coats for casual purposes. You can choose something out of the black-tie items you already have.

For Skin Care

1. Cleanser

While using a cleanser should be on your list of must-dos, it’s definitely a great add-on when you’re going out and want to freshen up your look quickly. Add this small skincare step to your getting-ready routine to look put-together instantly.

This will clear all the impurities from your face and remove dirt that sticks to the pores on our skin throughout the day. You can purchase any product that will work best for your skin. It is preferred that you use a damp and warm washcloth on your skin. This will open the pores and remove dead skin cells from your skin.

2. Moisturizer with SPF

SPF is essential for protecting your skin from harmful UVB and UVA rays. Sun can speed up the aging effect, and it only gets worse with oily skin. To maintain your style, you need to look fresh and energetic. This item will not only protect you from the sun but is easy to use.
You simply have to clean your face with a cleanser and apply this moisturizer to your skin. Hydrated skin is sure to improve your look, so you look your best.


Now that you have some backup wardrobe items and skincare that will keep you in style, you do not have to worry about getting late for the party on your lazy days. This will save you a lot of time and keep you fresh and energetic. Another great option for a backup outfit is a classic t-shirt.

These aren’t even that expensive. Simply grab some t-shirts (you can click here to find Fresh Clean Tees t shirt selection) and complete your arsenal of backup fashion staples.