Gambling In The Philippines: Features

by Olha Hammer


Gambling is a thriving industry that is now at the peak of its popularity. It is fully legalized in the Philippines. You can find many land-based casinos in the country, which are considered some of the best in the world. You can read more about this type of establishment at In addition, there are many virtual clubs in the Philippines that offer customers to experience the amazing experience of betting right at home. They all include a huge variety of games from slot machines to popular card games like blackjack and poker. In this article, we will delve into the topic of gambling in the Philippines and learn about its main features.

Varieties of Gambling Entertainment in the Philippines

Gambling in the Philippines is very popular. Entertainment options are not limited to online and land-based establishments with slot machines. Residents of this country prefer to spend their time doing other activities that enable them to experience the full range of emotions. Detailed information and types of gambling are presented in the table below.

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Casino There are two types of casinos in the Philippines – land-based and online establishments. However, each of them is incredibly popular. In these establishments, you can spend a pleasant time betting in slots or baccarat games. However, only adult users are allowed to do so.

Lottery Games

Lotteries are no less popular than casino games. They are conducted by a Philippine charity. The user who selected numbers on the lottery card that match the winning set of numbers is the winner. As a prize, he receives the jackpot. It is worth noting, however, that the amount of money won depends on the type of lottery, as well as on how many winning combinations the player received.

Betting on horse races

Another common type of gambling entertainment is betting on horse races. Thanks to it, many gamblers win a lot of money. Here, it is possible to get money by predicting the winner of the races, the place that a certain horse will take, etc.

Cock fighting

This is an unusual type of entertainment in which bets are placed on the winner of the cockfight. To win, you have to guess the bird that will stay alive by the end of the contest. Bets are accepted both before and during the match.

The legal types of gambling that are officially allowed in the country are described above. However, users are interested in other types of entertainment that are banned by the authorities of the country. They include|:

        ●   Jueteng;
        ●   Masiao;
        ●   Last Two.

These types of entertainment are not allowed to be used by any organization located in the Philippines. At the same time, it is forbidden for gamblers to spend time on them because they are punishable as illegal gambling.

Features of Online Casinos

Gambling in the Philippines is strictly regulated by law. Online casinos can provide their services if they have been able to obtain a license from PAGCOR. This gambling management organization has the following duties:

        ●   regulating all types of gambling in the country;
        ●   raising money for the development of the gambling industry;
        ●   improving the tourism industry.

Legal online establishments have several advantages over land-based facilities. Firstly, they have a huge selection of entertainment options, and absolutely every player can find the game that will bring him maximum pleasure. The greatest popularity is enjoyed by slots, card games such as blackjack, poker, and others, roulette, bingo, Keno, scratch cards, etc.

Secondly, users of online establishments can take advantage of a large number of special offers. Almost every platform offers gamblers a welcome bonus. The most popular websites have VIP clubs, where gamblers can take advantage of the most profitable bonuses, such as increased cashback, free spins, big multipliers on the deposit, etc.

Gamblers can withdraw their winnings in fast and efficient ways by using methods offered by online casino Philippines GCash and others. Most establishments provide a wide range of methods for conducting transactions, including wire transfers and cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin. Because of this, users can withdraw from online casino real money gcash and other convenient methods.

How Land-based Gambling Establishments Work in the Philippines


Most casinos in this country are operated by hotels. They provide services to both resort guests and tourists from other hotel complexes. Players can legally spend their time there if they are of legal age. However, users should adhere to a certain dress code in the evening. The rules for visiting a particular establishment can be found on its official website.

While many online casino Philippines using Gcash, land-based establishments use special chips and coins for betting. They can be obtained at the entrance to the lounge by requesting a casino employee to exchange the real currency for them. As soon as the player enters the casino, he will be able to choose:

        ●   tables with numerous card games;
        ●   tables with classic table gambling entertainment;
        ●   rooms with a large variety of slot machines.

Some complexes offer visitors not only entertainment but also bars, restaurants, and stores. The combination of a casino and a spa center is considered popular. You can learn more about it at However, all gambling houses operate under the same rules. They prohibit photography and video recording inside the premises. It is worth noting that gambling houses ban not only those under 18 years of age but also individuals who are blacklisted due to any fraudulent activities.


Gambling is completely legal in the Philippines. Only certain categories of entertainment are prohibited. In order to operate legally, establishments must obtain a license from PAGCOR. Residents of this country have access to such types of entertainment as online and land-based casinos, lotteries, betting on horse races, and other.