Getting to Know the Big Names in Sports

The sporting industry is one of the biggest and most lucrative around the world, producing unmatched talents which has led to fame, fortune and influence. Athletes have not only made money as athletes but have poured their blood, sweat and tears into their games whilst inspiring others to do the same. There are countless sports and endless talented athletes, but here are some of the biggest names that come to the mind of most when it comes to particular sports that are popular across the globe.

Cristiano Rolanldo – Football

Down to football being the most popular sport worldwide, there are many football players that are household names to avid fans and even those of us who do not follow the game, but that doesn’t mean that there are particular players that stand out in matches today for their skill and status. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous football players in the game right now and to that fact, one of the most famous people in general which is made evident by his unmatched number of instagram followers – 218 million.

Ronaldo is the champion leagues all time goalscorer and made his success playing for Portugal and Real Madrid after starting his senior club career in 2003, at the age of 18, playing for Sporting CP and then moving to Manchester United. Ronaldo is often compared to his ‘rival’ Linol Messi as their fight for title of the best player continues, this is due to their careers starting around the same time and their amazing skills standing out among other players. Although Messi’s skill may match or some may even say outweigh Ronaldo’s on the football field, it is undeniable that Cristiano Rolaldo is the most famous athlete in the world at this time and it would be a challenge to find somebody who has not heard his name.

Serena Williams – Tennis

Serena Williams not only shows us what it means to be an athlete due to her pure talent for the game of tennis, which is made evident by her 23 Grand Slam titles which makes her the most successful for both men and women, but she is also a phenomenal example of how passion can help you overcome obstacles in your way. Not only has Serena faced criticism due to being a woman in a male dominated industry, but she has faced many challenges due to her race and so has had more hurdles put in her way than most, yet come out on top.

Serena William is famous for her powerful style of playing the game of tennis and also for her doubles success with her sister Venus Williams who began a professional tennis career a year prior to Serena and has had great success also.

Serena has written many articles focused on equality in the sporting industry including the pay gap between men and women and is the most well known women’s tennis player in the world, both down to her skill in the game and her stance off the court.