Girl Gets Stood Up For Prom. Still Slays. Goes Viral.

Zea Prom Stood up

When Zea, a high school senior from Indiana got stood up for the prom, she decided not to let it ruin her big night. Now the teen is going viral after her sister shared her pictures on social media.

According to The Daily Dot, who spoke to Zea, she ended up going to the prom by herself after her intended date wasn’t totally honest with her,

In a phone interview with The Daily Dot, the Indiana-based senior revealed the backstory behind the prom photos. Apparently, students at her high school, Saint Joseph High School, are required to do 20 hours of community service before getting approval to attend prom.

At first, the guy that was supposed to go to prom with Zea assured her that he had completed his hours. But by the time prom night rolled around, it became clear that he hadn’t fulfilled the community service requirement.

Zea’s friends were also really supportive of her. “I didn’t want to go without a date, and all the guys were like, ‘We’re all your dates, it’s going to be fun,'” she tells The Daily Dot. “I’m really glad I went.”