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Vlisco, the African Fashion Titan from Holland “Over 90 percent of Vlisco’s sales come from the African continent itself, where, at present, it is one of the only international fashion and apparel brands with a significant presence. You see, Vlisco is a Dutch company.” via The Business of Fashion.

Fashion Hearts Kenya? “You might be surprised who in the fashion world has ties to Kenya. Bex Rox is known for rock and roll, party-all-night-in-Ibiza edginess, not “ethical” or “Africa.” A connection to the continent happened by chance.” via The Business of Fashion

Making Profit (And Saving Lives): West African ‘Women’s Gold’ Founded in 2003, Alaffia produces personal products made from Togolese shea butter, known in the region as “women’s gold” due to a long history of being made by ladies. via Forbes.