Good Reads. ‘Flight.’ A Multimedia Short Story Series That Explores Themes of Escapism For Black Women.

Stephanie Fields, Black Women Writers

Created by writer and contributor Stephanie Fields, “Flight” is a multimedia short story series that uses written words, photography, and video to tell the stories of 4 different black women.

According to Fields, who draws inspiration from Toni Morrison, Nella Larsen, Jamaica Kincaid, and Zora Neale Hurston,

My inspiration for “Flight” was centered around the “strong black woman” trope. The women in each story is strong, baring things unimaginable for any other racial/gender group in their society. But I didn’t want to examine the strength they had to bare such crosses, I wanted to explore what would happen when they had enough. I believe every individual needs a momentary escape for when life can get to be a bit much; a break to relax and regroup. I don’t believe black women are always afforded such privileges, especially our black female ancestors. I wanted to give them that privilege, that space to run away from the things, and the people, they no longer wanted to deal with.

My reason behind blending multimedia is because of my interest in multimodal storytelling. I am captivated by the volumes a single photograph can speak, the way video breathes life into words, and the written text will always be the way we watch language transform into something magical when under the guidance of a master.

Read “Flight” HERE.