Good Reads. Roxane Gay Interviews Toni Morrison About Her Latest Novel ‘God Help the Child.’

Toni Morrison

Bad Feminist author Roxane Gay recently interview fellow author and icon Toni Morrison on her latest novel God Help the Child. God Help the Child is a novel that centers around how the old wounds cause by child abuse and colorism can be carried into adulthood.

Hemispheres: How, if at all, is writing political or oriented toward social justice for you? What do you see as the responsibility of the writer?
Morrison: Writing is how people acquire knowledge. There is something said or done in almost all my books that may be a cautionary tale. There’s some perception that the characters acquire that they didn’t have before. Even in God Help the Child, Sweetness ends the book and says, yeah, well, look, this is how the world is. She recognizes that.

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