Good Reads. Two Poems By Atiya ‘Yaya’ Johnson.

Mickalene Thomas Art
(Miss Collette by Mickalene Thomas, 2009)

Modern Day Phenomenal Woman

The alpha and the omega of a man, is nothing but a woman clothed in an ornate design

She’s sharp in speech
In class, she’s raw and regal
Her love is yellow and temple kisses, with memories of black and blue
She doesn’t wait for permission
She kisses anyone with nice lips
She understands the power in her fingertips and that’s why she touches herself
Her posture is bad ass
She knows how to hate you as fiercely as she lives to love
Red is the color she paints her fingernails when she’s feeling like a whore
Her tongue isn’t shy
And her mouth is the garden of Eden

The alpha and the omega of a man is the woman who’s backpacked from Michigan to Nevada on a bike for a summertime love she craved one morning in October…
She’ll pay your light bill and then live underneath candle light and incense fumes and she’ll leave you believing she’s setting the mood
Her body is prolific
And although she’s borrowed some of her hair
She is real and she is open, and faithful, and she knows that her breast can cause you destruction
She thinks she’s God and she’ll always be better than you
But she’ll always make you feel like you’re the alpha and omega
And even if you can’t hear her, or you don’t understand her language
She’ll tell you, every day that you are

A Free writing Session With Myself

blue, purple, gold, tears, pen, save me, convince me, believe, shedding, apple, candy, couch, heemy taught me, us, music stops, you, shoe, shoe laces, you convinced me, fro’s, bro’s, frank ocean, orange, ball points, pens, you convinced me, tommy, ford, thinking about forever, yesterday, evening, noon, 12pm, creepy, victoria’s secret, rain, wet, water, open, beach, rain puddles, far, candle holders, gray, carpet, fresh heart, perfect, blue, yellow, silver, bent, matches, beautiful, stale, calming, good, whose fault, darling, tears, you convinced me, shrines, carbonated, sweet, canned, sweet, cork, hands

we can’t repair what we broke
but I held you close

engine click
money clip
we’re on a highway
fast and brown and not really knowing
which left to make right
which right to stay on
who’s right or whose right to go on
or off of
we are on this highway
where we always end up being

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