Guide to find your exact measurement when using a bra

ones, it is a small mission impossible to find the right bra. Although many people do not believe it, most women wear bras of the wrong size, so they do not manage to hold and enhance their breast successfully. You can definitely look at this list of best minimizer bras and get yourself fitted with the right bra soon.

Finding the right measure is a whole process. However, once you have it you will see that it was much simpler than what you thought, it is just a question of following a few steps and make use of a useful conversion and measurement chart provided by Tuffwomen. Regardless of which region of the world you are, with this method there is no doubt that you will find the right piece for you very easily.

However, before talking about it, it is important to know some of the basic benefits that the use of the correct bra generates. Believe it or not, the health problems (and aesthetics too, of course) caused by this problem are much more than they seem at first glance. Now you do know what is the reason for that terrible back pain, don’t you?

    ●       Wearing the right bra prevents multiple pains. The bra is designed with the sole purpose of holding the bust and keeping it in place. This is impossible if the piece has a band size higher than the correct one.
    ●       Say no more to these terrible “four breasts”. If your chest has large proportions, surely it has happened to you that a large part of them come out of the upper edge of the bra, which does not look good at all through the shirt. It is time for you to know the proper size of the cup you should use.
    ●       Forget those strange “rolls” towards the armpits. Your whole bust should be well contained and distributed in the bra, not under it, above or to the sides. In these cases the problem is not only the cup, but also the frame size. All this is corrected through the proper bra.

Calculate your exact size

Now that you know some problems and the solutions provided by the use of a good bra, you should know how to find that bra. For this, you just have to follow some simple steps. These are:

    ●       Place the tape measure around your torso, that is the bottom of your bust. To this measure (in inches) add 5. There you will have the result of your band size.
    ●       If the result obtained is odd, do not worry. You just have to round down a number, and there you will have the perfect size.
    ●       With a bra on (what must be very simple and fits you very well) surround your breasts in their most prominent part (usually it is at the level of the nipples) and take that measure. In case you do not trust this bra or do not have one with these characteristics, you can do it with your torso completely naked as well, just try not to squeeze your chest in any way.
    ●       With these two measures, you can now make use of a bra chart size like tuffwomen’s. There the result of your cup will be obtained automatically.
    ●       If you also want to know the value of the cup on your own, you should only do a simple mathematical operation: subtract the value of your band size with the second value obtained from your breasts. The small difference thrown will indicate which cup corresponds to you (A if it is 1, B if it is 2, C if it is 3, D if it is 4 and DD or E if it is 5).

Other Considerations

With all this if you still cannot get your brassier look good on your chest, then there is something that you are not taking into account and is the way of it.

You may be wearing the right size, but it is of little use if the shape of the bra is not very favorable for the anatomy of your bust. Women with small breasts look better in balconette or half-cup bras, cut horizontally. This is the best way to enhance it and make sure it is not loose.

The opposite happens for women with bulky breasts, and even something flaccid. In this case the cup should cover as much as possible of the bust, and also have a good support. The latter is a mixture between the ring of the cup, the shape of the cup and the adjustment of the band.