Here’s How to Make CBD Oil Taste Better

One in seven people in the U.S. use products made with cannabidiol (CBD), according to Gallup. You’re one of them. 

And yet, despite the benefits that come with using CBD, you’ve got an issue with the stuff. 

Namely, you don’t like how it tastes. 

You’re not alone in that. Luckily for you, that means you have others’ tips and tricks to use to make your CBD more palatable. 

Here’s how to flavor CBD oil so that you can take it in and feel great, just as promised. 

1. Sweeten the Deal

If you’re taking CBD sublingually, it has time to sit in your mouth and fill it with the flavor you don’t like.

So, rather than just putting CBD under your tongue, why not swish things up with a spoonful of honey? Or, you could take a sip of juice at the same time that you put the CBD under your tongue. 

Either way, the CBD will taste a lot better with a sweet supplement of your choice. Keep in mind that you won’t absorb as much of the CBD if you dilute it with another substance. Some of it will end up in your digestive tract rather than in your bloodstream where you want it.


2. Put a Snack to the Side

Maybe your palate’s strong enough to withstand the 90 seconds of sublingual CBD. You just can’t stand the after taste. 

If this is you, prepare for your dose by putting a snack next to you before ingesting the oil. Then, as soon as the minute-and-a-half is up, you can bite right into something that tastes way better. You’ll barely remember the flavor of CBD oil after that. 

3. Brush Your Teeth Beforehand

Remember the days when you’d brush your teeth before breakfast, and then you’d try and drink orange juice? 

Toothpaste has some serious flavor-killing abilities — namely, it mutes some of your taste buds, so other flavors aren’t as strong.

So, try brushing your teeth before placing a tincture of CBD oil under your tongue. It will still taste somewhat bitter, but the flavor won’t be nearly as strong anymore. 

4. Breathe Through Your Nose

If you don’t have a snack or toothbrush on hand, try this handy method for tasting less. 
Simply breathe through your nose as your CBD sits sublingually. If you stop air from passing over your tongue, your taste buds’ power will weaken. With that, you can mute the oil’s flavor, at least.

You will still be able to taste some of the CBD oil, but you can mute the flavors this way. 

5. Mix It With a Smoothie

With CBD, you get the best results from taking it under your tongue and letting it absorb directly into your bloodstream. 

However, if you really can’t stand its earthy taste, you might try mixing it in with otherwise tasty foods and drinks. 

For instance, you can pour a few drops into a smoothie or another sweet beverage. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, you could try it with food, too. 

In the end, it will take longer for CBD’s effects to hit you since the oil will be going through your digestive system. But something’s better than nothing — it’s a better option than skipping CBD because of its taste. 

6. Butter Your Bread With CBD

Perhaps you want to try incorporating CBD as an edible. 

Butter is an excellent base for transforming your CBD into an edible — and a spreadable. 
All you need are two cups of butter, one cup of water and 20 milliliters of CBD. Combine all three over the lowest possible heat. Let them meld together for two hours.

Once time’s up and the mixture is cooled, you can spread it onto your toast for all of the feel-good benefits you want first thing in the morning. 

7. Combine It With Coffee

Coffee has such a strong flavor that it can help neutralize the taste of CBD. 
You can have your coffee by your side to wash down the CBD when you’re finished. Or, you can drop a tincture and a small bit of coffee into a shot glass and let that sit under your tongue for 90 seconds. 

8. Try It in Capsule Form…

If you’ve tried all of the above and you still can’t get over the flavor of CBD, you’re not alone. That’s why CBD comes in so many different forms these days. 

One option you have is purchasing fillable capsules. You can drop some oil from your tincture into a capsule, then take it like a normal pill. 

Again, this option might not be for you if you want fast-acting CBD. The capsule will have to break down during digestion before it takes effect. 

However, the lack of flavor could be enough reason to wait.


9. …Or Opt For Edibles

As we said, CBD oil companies know that the taste isn’t for everyone. So, they’ve come up with ways to make the stuff more palatable — edibles included.

Grab some coupons and sample all of the different edibles out there. One of the most popular forms is CBD gummies, and it makes sense. CBD in candy form sounds appetizing, doesn’t it? 
You’ll also find chocolates, other candies, gum and more, all of which come infused with CBD. Your only duty will be sticking to the recommended serving size since sweets can be hard to resist. 

How to Flavor CBD Oil — You’ve Got Options

Now you know how to flavor CBD Oil. Better yet, you know you’ve got options for doing so. 
So, don’t give up on all the good stuff CBD has to offer just because of the taste. Try any one of these nine ideas and enjoy your daily dose from now on. 

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