Hippie Fashion Trend in 2019.

From the bold and mixed patterns to the classic fitted suits, the hippie fashion trend is back in full effect! The hippie fashion style is one of the most versatile and individualistic ones, and it’s no surprise that it made a comeback in 2019. Whether it’s formal, playful, rock, grunge, or bohemian-inspired, the modern hippie style can be adapted to whatever look you’re going for.

The expressive hippie trend is luxurious but effortless, easy to wear yet spirited, has a retro twist but still looks modern. When looking for outfits made of rich fabrics, designed in a variety of color palettes – both earthly and bright – and complemented with ethnic-print patterns, then you should get on board the modern hippie train.


The running theme of 2019’s hippie trend is the idea of escapism. Influenced by concepts such as adventures, exploration, mystery, and traveling, most high-end designers took a bohemian approach to their lines. These concepts were implemented through different styles. Read on to know how you can channel your inner escapist.

Over Accessorize

If there’s one thing a hippie doesn’t shy away from, it’s accessorizing. If you love big statement accessorizing, then you’ll have a blast with this trend. From bold, layered necklaces and bracelets and large earrings to playful anklets and vintage stoned rings, you have an infinite world of options to play around with. No outfit is complete without the right bag or purse, and while it might cost a lot to find the right hippie bag to go along with your outfit, you can find a wide variety of trendy wholesale hippie bags & purses online and in several stores. When buying wholesale bags, you get to have the perfect outfit without paying a fortune for a designer bag.

Monochromatic Soothing Colors

Contrasting with the loud psychedelic colors that defined the old hippie era, the modern hippie trend is generally about soothing earthy tones and quiet pastel colors such as greens, whites, yellows, browns, and beige being worn. The monochromatic trend allows you to look effortlessly stylish and exude serenity and tranquility through easy-to-coordinate outfits.

Vintage Floral Patterns

Floral prints have been the leading trend for spring and summer seasons for a while now, however, this time around, there’s a vintage twist to them. Bold, beautiful vintage blossoms have become this season’s cornerstone for a happy bohemian look. This year’s fashion lines have reintroduced the vintage floral print in a fresh and elegant way.


Unlike the previous suit trends which focused on masculine silhouettes, this year’s suits are distinctly more feminine in their outlines. The suits are trending in different shades of color; both subtle and bold. Blazers come in varying styles; single-breasted, double-breasted, symmetric, asymmetric, and belt-fastened. The lower half is either fitted or relaxed. Aside from the silhouette, it’s all about color. You can’t go wrong whether you go for a vivid bright shade or an understated pastel color. A trending look this year is pairing sharp suits with bold graphic tees, makes for an unexpectedly balanced look. The growing trend allows you to add fun to your formal attire and dress up your casual wear so suit up!

Oversized Everything

Nostalgia is a popular theme in 2019’s hippie fashion trend. A major throwback to the early nineties is reflected in this year’s silhouettes, from oversized tops and wide-leg pants to loose dresses and old-looking jeans that don’t hold your waist a prisoner anymore, this year is all about comfortable, relaxed fit. Go for a top-heavy or boxy silhouette with an oversized shirt or jacket and balance it out with a form-fitting bottom, or you can go big and go loose from head to toe. If you feel like going for a more delicate look, go for a big flowy dress or a top that can be cinched at the waist with a colorful belt.

If you still have some of your 60s and 70s clothes or can raid your mom’s closet and dig them up, then you’re in luck. After analyzing the 2019 fashion shows, it is safe to say that the hippie fashion movement is back with a modern twist. Wherever you go, go in style. With your choice of the above hippie fashion styles, you can take the runway to the road and look anything but monotonous.