Historical slot machines

History provides an unfathomable number of plots and stylistic moves in the development of slot machines. However, it is rare to find slots that do not have at least the most straightforward story, which helps introduce the user to the gameplay more easily and opens up new horizons for bonus rounds and unique rewards. The most popular are slot machines dedicated to the rulers and the life of ancient Egypt or Rome, greeting the player with bright and catchy symbols. What is the difference between historical themes from other genres, what games are suitable for review and how to Planet 7 oz casino login – read below.

Prerequisites for the development of the genre

The historical theme in slot machines, especially online segment, for a game session allows you to immerse the user in a particular era, adjusting the rules and bonuses under it. The stylistics of slot machines are tailored to the game’s chosen location and time of action. For example, the Cleopatra slot machine developed by IGT uses images stylised as game symbols from ancient Egyptian icons such as the portrait of Cleopatra.

The main feature of historical slot machines is that they use recognisable symbols. Scarabs and regalia of the pharaohs – for Ancient Egypt, amphorae and laurel wreaths – for Ancient Greece and Rome, axes and Drakkar – for the Viking Age. In a sense, these machines can be seen as having an entertainment function and an educational one.

The development of computer technology has made it possible to diversify the usual “fruit” slots and “one-armed bandits”. The emergence of historical machines has created competition between the genres and allowed to interest users in new types of leisure.

Features of the gameplay

Speaking about the features of historical gaming machines, it should be noted that games often use the distinctive features of an era in addition to the visual design. As a rule, this is reflected in the icons of valuable characters, sound and description of the bonus rounds. An example of this is the Columbus Deluxe slot machine, developed by Novomatic – the role of the scatter acted ships on which the traveller Columbus and the explorer himself appears on one of the valuable symbols.

The game generally runs on five reels and three rows, but the genre has no single number of paylines. The order in which winning combinations are counted also varies, with some machines depending from left to right and others counting both ways. Different are the wild symbol properties, bonus rounds and rewards, free spins, and reward multiplication. A unifying feature for slots from other manufacturers is the relevance of a particular historical era.

Famous members of the genre

You can get acquainted with the historical slot machines everywhere; most developers have provided at least one online slot in this genre. Noteworthy are the products of companies:

  • IGT;

  • Novomatic;

  • Betsoft;

  • Playtech;

  • NetEnt.

The abundance of manufacturers these days allows the user to delve into almost any era and try their luck in the race for the jackpot or maximum reward.