How to Afford a Last-Minute Trip to Singapore

Have you spotted a late flight deal to Singapore? Perhaps a friend has asked you to join them on a last-minute trip to this famed Asian island city-state? Whatever the reason, you are currently planning on visiting Singapore in the near future – but you don’t know how it will be financially viable.

While there are many reasons to visit Singapore, this isn’t possible if you fail to budget for it accordingly. Yet even if your bank balance is currently saying ‘no’ to the journey, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a permanent roadblock on your plans.

In fact, with a strategic approach, you can enjoy an unforgettable adventure without needing to pay for it months or even years later. Here’s a quick guide on how to afford a last-minute trip to Singapore.

Secure the right financing

When done responsibly, you can utilize financing to fund your holiday. A short term loan is one of the best picks in that regard. As well as receiving the money immediately – essential for a last-minute trip – this type of loan is available for even those with bad credit ratings. If you’re wondering where to start with this, Cash Lady is a finance specialist who highlights the best short term loans available.

Just remember: if you do go for a loan, be conservative with the funds and terms you agree on. Be sure that, once the holiday is over, you can comfortably – and quickly – pay off the loan.

Search around for accommodation

For any trip, accommodation will tend to be one of the biggest expenses – and this is no different in Singapore, where prices are regarded as expensive. At least, that is the case if you don’t search around for bargains.

Hotel comparison websites can be a big help in finding the best deals. However, how do you know which comparison site to choose? The answer is simple. Look on another comparison site. have put together a list of the best hotel booking websites available, so check them out to see your personal preference. Traveling outside the high season will also be a game-changer for affordable accommodation pricing.

Pack light

Even if you have secured cheap flight tickets, the cost of these can soon mount up when factoring in additional extras. Alongside seat upgrades and meals, one of the most expensive fees is for hold luggage.

To avoid taking any hold luggage with you, only pack the essentials into your cabin bag. You can nail jet-set style in just a cabin bag by curating a capsule wardrobe and upgrading your look with a quality bag, which will work in whatever country you fly to.

Buy the right travel card

Singapore has an excellent public transport system, and it is something you will want to use to get around the island. Yet if you buy a ticket for each train and bus journey, this will quickly add up.

Instead, you should purchase an EZ-Link card. This travel card not only helps save money, but also time – there’s no need to be messing around constantly with ticket machines.

Eat strategically

Food is one of those expenses which can cut a hole through your travel budget. Most people don’t like to spend time preparing their own food when on vacation, and will instead opt to dine out.

Dining out is, of course, expensive – in most cases. This is because Singapore is blessed with a plethora of food courts where cheap – but delicious – eats can be savored.