How To Choose The Perfect Make-Up For Important Events

Usually, we spend a lot of time preparing for an important event because this is the perfect moment to try a new look. If you want to turn heads by your makeup for formal event, these tips will make you stand out.

Early preparation is the key

No way you can get ready for the event and create simple formal makeup a day before your interview, prom, graduation, or wedding. Once the date has been announced, start preparing and seeking inspiration on how you want to look. This applies to your attire, hairstyle and makeup. Prepare your skin well in advance. You even might think of upgrading your skincare routine. If you love tanning, do it a week before the event and make sure it is done by a real professional. Do not overdo the color and always keep your skin supple.

The First Five Minutes

Want to get the perfect face? Take at least five minutes to prepare for a flawless face. Here is a simple procedure:

      a) Cleanse your face using lukewarm water
      b) Exfoliate using a face towel to remove the flaky skin before applying the
      products (don’t forget the lips)

      c) Apply a thick layer of moisturizer
      d) Use a foundation primer if your skin is oily. It will cover the pores
      e) Apply tinted moisturizer using a sponge, brush, or simply your fingers
      f) Apply the concealer with a brush and pay special attention to the area
      under the eyes and the places where the skin looks blueish

Interview Day Makeup Tips

Whether you change the color of your lipstick every day or you only use mascara on your face, your main aim is to look confident and sophisticated. The perfect combination differs from one person to the other. If you don’t use a lot of products normally, don’t try to apply many on the important event. Aim at pulling out a polished ensemble that still allows you to be yourself and be proud of your appearance. If you normally use lots of products, then choose natural and professional look on the event.

What Facial Features Should You Focus On?

Essentially, there are seven products you should try to enhance your facial features:
      i.   Foundation
      ii.   Concealer or corrector
      iii.   Blush
      iv.   Eyeshadow
      v.   Eyeliner
      vi.   Mascara
      vi.  Lipstick

Don’t be afraid to flaunt your best features whether it’s your lips or eyes. If you choose to highlight the lips more, go easy on your eyes or the other way round. The best make up tip is to select one feature to play up and downplay the rest. You cannot flaunt all the features at once. You might want to consult a professional artist to ensure that the colors match your skin tone. If you have to go DIY, try a test before the big event to see what product looks best on you.

Colors and accents

You don’t have to match your outfit with the hue of every accessory and makeup. Think about complementing it with different accents. Suppose you wear a blue official dress like the one that Michelle Obama would choose. You don’t need to wear blue eyeshadow. Rather, complement it with black or brown eyeliner. A few swipes of black or navy mascara would finish off the look perfectly. Don’t confine yourself to these colors. Try as many as you can as long as they complement one another. But you should never wear a single color.

Sultry makeup for a dramatic look

If you want to go sultry during your party, you may choose black eyeshadow. A black shade is ideal for defining the outer corners of your eyes. Black is a neutral hue and a staple for most makeup artists. It can compliment just any evening gown. When black eyeshadow is used, it brings out a softer and smoky look. What’s more, it holds on to the eyes better than the eye pencil. To add on to the dramatic look, you can add false eyelashes.

After choosing a fantastic dress and polishing your favorite pumps, don’t forget your makeup before you head to the event. Just the way you’ve perfected your media resume through professional resume editing, do not overlook your makeup. Sure, your outfit matters a lot, but you need to make sure that your face gives the right impression. Show them that you’re a professional, organized, and most importantly, confident. Don’t forget to carry the essential makeup products. You must not lack a blotting paper as it will help you control the oil on your face. You’ll also need a powder for touch-ups. Carry your lipstick as you will need to reapply once in a while. Finally, a hairspray and small mirror will come in handy.