How to Clean Your UGGs Boots in 9 Steps

Cleaning UGG boots might seem like a real pain. Even These the most awesome winter UGGs on sale can get super “Uggy” with snow, mud, and salt during the winter. You don’t want your shoes looking old and worn. So what to do? Well, here are some simple steps to keep your UGGs looking as beautiful as you, all year round!

Step 1: Remove Stains!

You need to keep your suede UGGs in tip top shape. Regular maintenance is key. Before you do a super clean of your boots, you need to address STAINS. Each type of stain has its own fix.

For oil and grease stains you need to “color” over the stain with white chalk. Cornstarch works, too. Let it sit for twenty-four hours. Dust off the powder gently. Salt and dirt stains just need to be brushed off. Use a specialty suede brush. You may have to use a suede stain cleaner for more persistent stains.

Step 2: Get Your Tools

Now that you have gotten any excess stains removed, you can start cleaning. Sure, UGGs look great with a number of winter outfits, but they don’t look great when they are dirty. To clean, you will need:

    ●   Suede Cleaner or UGG Cleaner

    ●   Suede Brush

    ●   Cotton Cloth

    ●   Soft Sponge

    ●   Paper towels or newsprint

    ●   Suede protector and conditioner

Step 3: Brush UGGs!
Loosen any dirt with a soft brushing, top to bottom with a special suede brush.

Step 4: Lightly Sponge the Exterior
Gently moisten the boot exterior using cool (not hot) water. Heat will actually set any stains. Use the sponge for this step. Wet the surface without soaking. Rinse the sponge then add suede cleaner.

Step 5: Cleaning
With the sponge, work the cleaner into the boots, always top to bottom. Don’t press too hard to avoid ruining the leather.

Step 6: Rinse
Without soaking the boot, gently wipe the product off the UGG with a clean sponge, gently rinsing the sponge until the water runs clear. Remember that water can ruin leather. Don’t immerse the boot. If you do decide to run the boot under the water, do it sparingly to avoid ruining your shoes.

Step 7: Stuff the Shoes
Take crumpled up newsprint or paper towels and stuff the boots. This helps your boots keep shape, so be sure to be thorough. If you have a silica gel pack, you can add that to the bottom of the boots. Keep the boots away from any heat source whatsoever while they dry. This may take up to two days.

Step 8: Remove Paper
Boots now clean, remove the paper and enjoy your clean UGGs. If they seem a little snug, just wear them for a little while to stretch them back out. You can use a brush to smooth out the nap.

Step 9: Spray
Now that your boots are clean, it is time to spray them with protective suede spray. Let boots dry another day. Then enjoy your fave shoes, clean and as good as new!