How To Create a Unique Animated Story?

A story animation involves a task that needs a story to be animated. It can be a challenging task especially if you want your story to be unique and as such you should be armed with the basics before doing anything else. It is important to have some experience with the paint editor, and also have some general knowledge about looks and motion blocks. If you have an understanding on these then you can be able to create a perfect and unique animated story following the simple steps below.

Come up with an idea or storyline

This is the first and important step when it comes to an animated story creation. You must have a clear idea on what you want to do before beginning. You storyline should be organized chronologically so that it can be easier to animate it. Your story can be on the current happenings, about the past or totally fictional. What matters is on how you are going to represent your idea. Getting something that will inspire your storyline is usually the hardest part of the project. Most of the people who try making animations mostly find themselves spending unusually much time in efforts to come up with an idea that can be perfect. So challenging is this task that most people prefer seeking services from professional animators from sites like It is important to note that trying to come up with a perfect idea can take ages. You are therefore advised to just choose a simple theme and for the entire project stick with it.

While you can use brainstorming as a means of drawing an inspiration for your storyline, it is usually a challenging process. Instead you can seek inspiration from other animation or comic works. Maybe creating a character for your story will be the best way to begin. It is not a must that the character is flawless. You can have one who commits mistakes or even one who is a villain. The important thing is to get your viewers to appreciate your creativity.


The moment you have your character, having your storyline revolve around the character is not that difficult. All you have to do is think on the different ways your character can react to different scenarios. For your animated story to be more unique, ensure it is open-ended as opposed to novels whose story lines usually have a start, the middle and a clear ending. You can make your animated story more funny if you make it appear absurd but with some reason. Carefully explore all the details of your storyline and then you can replace a part of it with something that is a bit funnier. Include details that can get your audience surprised.


This is usually the hardest part for most of the people especially if the tool used for the drawing is a computer. You can create a perfect drawing following the tips below:

   Begin with doing a sketch on a paper

   Have all the required parts in your sketch outlined. You can do this by making lines darker with an aid of a pencil.

   Draw the final image using a pen. You can trace the drawing or even redraw it on a different sheet of paper.

   Use you computer or tablet to draw you final drawing. Now this is where your knowledge on the paint editor comes in. Simplify the drawing by doing away with the features you feel that you do not require.

   Color your drawing with a shading or any drawing styles available.


Getting an animation drawn is more difficult as it requires one to have an high degree of perseverance to draw a perfect animation. Remember the animation will involve numerous pictures put together and moving with minute changes in the pictures. As such an art of perfection in drawing the images is a valuable asset here. Below are some of the steps that can guide you:

1.   Have the character drawn first.

2.   Redraw the character again but with some little change in movement.

3.   Repeat the above step as many times you may need and then have your animation tested. It has to appear like it is moving.


   If you have many frames in your animation it means that it is going to be slower.

   To make it fast you have to include fewer frames in the animation.

   Few frames means that the movements of your character will appear choppy. This means that your characters will be moving as if they are skipping some movements.

   ensure that the movements of your objects is fluid. The animation should not be choppy but rather have smooth movements.

Animation with vector

Begin by creating your character first and then have the drawing duplicated. If your character is that of a stick figure, ensure that the arms and the legs appear like lines and then you can reshape them in any means you want with the other drawings. You may even create various shapes of the arms and legs and then move them around in various drawings.

Frame by frame

This is usually the longest part when doing an animated story. This is because it involves drawing the character and then redrawing the character again with some minor movement changes. It is important to note that this part will be time consuming and if you want to create a perfect and unique animation then you should exercise patience. Alternatively, you can hire services of professionals who can help you with animating the parts of the story. This professionals can work on a part of you animation they are best at. The important thing is that you create perfect drawings with an optimum number of frames to make sure that the movements of the objects in your animated story are not choppy.

Make it funny

This is the most important part for any animated story. Remember a lot of your viewers would like you to present to them a story which can be able to wow and at the same time entertain them. It is the animator’s job to make sure that the animated story entertains the audience.