How to dress practically yet successfully in today’s workplace

Dress codes and office attire rules are always changing. Dressed-up, dressed-down, causal Fridays, smart casual, smart only…the possibilities are endless and often, confusing. Even if your office is one that promotes a casual environment, rocking up to your desk in ripped joggers and a tea-stained t-shirt hardly gives off the right impression.

Taking pride in your appearance – even in a casual working environment – says a lot about your attitude to work and your dedication to your role. That doesn’t mean you have to sit in a formal suit whilst those around you are in shorts (unless you are a personal injury attorney), but carefully selecting the right pieces for your work wardrobe should help you stay comfortable and make the right impression.

Let’s explore how you can dress practically, yet successfully in today’s workplace.

Your shoes

Your faithful sneakers might be the ideal choice for when you’re heading to the store, but perhaps not for your work attire. Many women prefer to wear heels in the workplace, as it makes them feel more formal and professional. However, if you’re a lover of high heels you should always consider practicality over style.

Those super-high stilettos might look great on the dance floor, but you’re more likely to trip in the office or struggle to control your vehicle if you’re driving to work, potentially becoming involved in an accident. If you’re traveling along the highway and you’re driving around 18-wheeler trucks, you’re going to need to be able to react quickly should the situation suddenly become dangerous. Driving around trucks, in particular, requires concentration and focus so you can’t afford to be distracted by your footwear – if you do find yourself involved in a truck accident that could have been avoided, speak with a local truck accident lawyer based in Nashville as soon as possible.

Sticking to a low heel or a sensible pair of stylish flats will keep you safe and stop your feet from getting sore at the end of the day!

Take lead from those above you

What does your manager wear to work? Despite the casual dress code are they often sporting a smarter look? A shirt and dark pair of jeans perhaps, or a wrinkle-free dress and blazer? If you want to make a good impression and dress for success, then take your lead from those above you. If it looks as though you’re taking pride in representing the company, you may get more responsibility in the workplace. After all, there’s no harm in dressing for the job you want!

Look neat and tidy

Does everyone dress like it’s a Sunday morning? If you think combining your smart and casual wear will look out of place at work, then don’t worry. If you can’t dress smart, you can still look neat and tidy. Take pride in a beautifully coifed hairstyle, look after your skin and your teeth, make sure your makeup is always neat and ensure your clothes are wrinkle and stain free. Leave those old t-shirts and crumpled jeans at home and treat yourself to something new and fresh instead.

And finally, don’t forget your accessories

Good accessories can also be incredibly practical in the workplace and complement your style and your workwear. A smart, elegant watch to stop you looking at your phone for the time, a gorgeous pair of glasses to prevent eye strain and a practical yet stylish handbag that can hold all your documents and your essentials! Often, it’s the finishing touches that really make an outfit stand apart, so choose yours carefully!