How To Dress Up Your Jeans This Fall

As the days start to grow colder, it’s finally time to pack floaty maxi dresses and shimmering heeled sandals back into your wardrobe and reach for a pair of jeans. Does the idea of having to wear jeans again fill you with dread about how uninspiring your outfit may look? Of course, fall style can’t be as free-flowing or vibrant as summer fashion, but there are ways that you can transform a pair of jeans into an unforgettable fall composition. Here is a simple guide to dressing up your jeans this fall.

Get the Right Fit

Over time jeans can become loose and misshaped, that’s why the first step to looking fabulous in denim this fall is to make sure your jeans fit you properly. A good fit does not necessarily mean wearing tight jeans: 2019 fall denim trends will see a continued appreciation of loose-fitting ‘boyfriend’ styles. Expect flares and side splits to be hitting the most fashionable districts of town. If you aren’t sure whether your jeans from last year still fit, why not ask a friend or relative to take a photo of you in them from the front and back? That way you can be positive that you are starting your look with a strong wardrobe staple.

All-Weather Coat

The last few falls have been characterized by unpredictable weather; mixtures of sunshine and icy showers can mean that the perfect outfit one morning is a disaster by the afternoon. The best way to protect yourself from the changing seasons is to find a coat that will suit any type of weather. A trench coat is one of your best options because they look elegant and professional, while also keeping you warm and dry. Trench London offers this style in a wide variety of colors; you can browse their whole collection online at for a selection of classic looks.

A Unique Top

The blouse you pick to wear with your jeans can transform them from being a casual, everyday look to impressive evening wear. Picking a pretty vest to compliment your jeans may be easy in summer but could quickly become an issue when the weather turns colder. Don’t worry; there are still many options to choose from: a brightly colored blouse tucked into jeans can bring them to life and add an air of sophistication to any look. Additionally, you shouldn’t forget that fall is the season where you can officially wear your collection of turtle necks again. A turtle neck top tucked into jeans is a gorgeous and cozy fall look that anyone can pull off.

Statement Boots

From knee-high to faux crocodile; a pair of statement boots will add a touch of glamour to any outfit. Pick a pair of statement boots that expresses your personality, and you can bring any outfit to life.

From picking an all-weather coat to choosing unique footwear, dressing up a pair of jeans is easy when you start playing with glamorous fall compositions.