How To Look Beautiful & Be Comfortable

Believe it or not, it’s possible to look your best and also be comfortable and cozy all at once. No longer do you have to associate beauty with pain and only wear what the fashion models are advertising.

More and more women want to not only appear attractive and put together but also have the desire to feel comfy and at ease when going about their day. There’s no reason to get dressed in the morning just so you can wait around for the chance to remove your outfit and change into more relaxing attire. All it takes is a little creativity and willingness on your part to modify what you’re choosing to wear.

Do Your Homework

Your first mistake is assuming that you have to wear the tightest dress or highest heels to look beautiful. If you spend some time doing your homework, you’ll come to realize there are a lot of wardrobe alternatives out there for you to try. Shop around, conduct your research and talk to other women who are having the same dilemma as you and seek out solutions that will make you look great and bring you comfort. Then go through your closet and remove any garments that you find fussy and undesirable, so they aren’t simply taking up space. Avoid worrying about what others think so much and focus on what you feel highlights your best assets.

Choose Leggings & Flowy Tops

One idea for how you can look beautiful and be comfortable is to choose leggings and flowy tops. These days there are a wide variety of different types of leggings and prints to choose from, so don’t assume black is your only option. There are also a lot of different kinds of blousy tops that are attractive and comfortable all at the same time. Mix and match these pieces, and you’ll have enough outfits to last you a while. It’s easy to move around in an outfit like this, and you can pair any accessories depending on if you want to dress it up or down.

Ditch the Glasses

Wearing glasses may be what’s bugging you the most because frames can be quite annoying and intrusive. Turn to an option such as this product so you can get contact lenses that will provide you with all-day comfort. This way you’ll be able to see without having to keep pushing up glasses on your face. They’re comfortable, stylish and easy to pop in and out whenever necessary. You’ll also be able to show off more of your face and makeup when you aren’t hiding behind a pair of glasses. If you do choose this option, you also have the opportunity to enhance your eye color using contacts as well.

Find the Right Shoes

Uncomfortable shoes are not only bad for your feet but can make you feel simply miserable by the end of the day. It’s worth your efforts to find the right kind of shoes that are beautiful and stylish simultaneously. If you do choose to wear high heels, find a pair that have a thicker sole and then add extra cushion with inserts. Take into account there are also plenty of flats and attractive sneakers out there now that will go well with your outfits and not cause you any aches. Be picky about your shoe choices if you want to be comfortable, especially if you’re on your feet a lot throughout the day.

Research Easy Hairdos

Having to do your hair each day takes time and can be inconvenient if you’re someone who likes to sleep in. Set aside a few moments to research easy hairdos that are quick to replicate and that also make you look beautiful instantly. Also, find different ways you can throw up your hair nicely if you want it out of your face but don’t want to appear sloppy. You’ll feel more confident and will be more comfortable when you’re able to nail down hairstyles that don’t cause you a lot of stress and extra hassle. Have a few different styles in mind depending on if you’re heading to work versus a night out on the town.

Dress in Layers
Make layering your clothes part of your everyday wardrobe so you can look beautiful and be more comfortable. Pile up the clothing, so you not only look stylish but are also able to peel off certain items should you get too warm or add them back if you feel chilly. Long top layers are especially nice because they’re cozy and usually hide any problem areas you feel you have or want to cover. This way you also get to wear a few of your favorite pieces at one time and don’t have to choose between certain garments. You can also use layers as a way to include more colors and prints in your outfit.

Opt for Yoga & Exercise Clothes

The good news is that it’s becoming more and more acceptable to walk around in public wearing exercise and yoga clothes. This is not only a great way to feel more comfortable as you go around town doing your errands, but they make beautiful options with attractive designs, patterns, and colors you can choose from. It’s now acceptable to look like you’re heading to the gym without ever actually going there during the day. A sporty look is not only fun and flirty, but an effortless way to look beautiful and avoid any discomfort.


While looking beautiful is important, there’s also a trend toward people wanting to also be comfortable. These are a few practical ways for how you can look attractive and not have to sacrifice comfort while you’re at it. Give them a try to determine which options work best for you and then have fun transforming your look to better suit your needs. You’ll likely find these modifications beneficial and that you don’t have the desire to rush home and switch clothes after having been out and about.