How to Make a Cross Country Airplane Journey Less Boring

Travelling across the country can be quite exciting, especially if you’re heading to a fabulous holiday destination. However, to make that cross country trip, you need to deal with what can feel like a very long and boring airplane journey. For some people, this fact alone may be enough to dissuade them from making the trip.

Not to worry as there are plenty of great ways you can spend your time on the plane, making the trip a lot less boring and even relaxing.

Pack a Few Bestsellers

The first tip is to check out the list of bestsellers and grab a few trending books. A cross country journey is a perfect opportunity to relax and read, as you won’t have to deal with any interruptions. And another great benefit in reading is that if the book is engaging enough, you’ll be completely immersed in it and lose track of time.

Because carry-on luggage has to adhere to size and weight restrictions, it may be smart to invest in an e-reader and download books to your device before you leave. This will take up little to no room at all, and you’ll be able to “pack” as many books as you want.

Enjoy Games While In-Flight

Gaming is a fun pursuit while travelling. You can visit some of the best mobile casino sites from your smartphone at the airport and download some gaming apps for the flight. This can be a great way to relax, kill a little time, and make the long flight a little more enjoyable.

Travel-Sized Board Games Can Bring the Fun

Travelling with a companion? If so you may want to pack a travel-sized board game the two of you can play. These are small, portable, easy to pack and often pieces are magnetized so you don’t have to worry about losing them.

A couple of great options include:

        ●   Chess

        ●   Checkers

        ●   Scrabble

        ●   Catan

Kick Back with Your Favourite Tunes

Some people find that travelling a long distance can not only be boring but even a bit stressful. One of the best ways to relax and help the time to go by a little faster is kicking back with your favourite music. Just be sure you create the ultimate playlist ahead of time.

Adult Colouring Books – One of the Best Ways to Relax

Then we have one of the hottest trends out there in terms of relaxation and that’s adult colouring books. There is something very soothing and almost therapeutic about a colouring book – regardless of age. The adult versions tend to be quite intricate, which means you’ll be completely immersed and focused on all the details.

There’s No Need to Dread the Flight

If you’ve got a long-haul cross-country flight coming up and you’re already dreading how boring it will be, give each of these suggestions a try. You may be surprised by how relaxing the flight ends up being.